Jessica Chasmar

Harry Potter author and darling of the left J.K. Rowling has finally apologized for a stunningly false tweetstorm against President Trump that racked up thousands of shares in the past three days.

Rowling’s original series of tweets on Friday called Trump “horrible” for seemingly ignoring the extended hand of a young boy confined to a wheelchair, who was visiting the White House during a July 24 “Victims of Obamacare” event.

The clip Rowling retweeted, which was deleted long before her apology came, left out the beginning of the encounter when the president payed special attention to the boy.

“That clip of Trump looking deliberately over a disabled child’s head, ignoring his outstretched hand, has touched me on the raw,” Rowling wrote in a series of now-deleted tweets. “My mother used a wheelchair. I witnessed people uncomfortable around her disability, but if they had a shred of decency they got…

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