Jessica Chasmar

A band of societal rejects filmed themselves this week harassing Chick-fil-A diners and releasing a fisherman’s catch without his consent — all in the name of equal rights for animals.

Members of the group Direct Action Everywhere stormed into a Chick-fil-A in Pinellas Park, Florida, on Tuesday, holding fake knives and covered in blood as confused onlookers participated in the restaurant’s Cow Appreciation Day.

Check it out here:

Animal rights activist Kayla Leaming, wife of the man who recorded the incident, told the Tampa Bay Times that Chick-fil-A is guilty of speciesism.

“It’s normalizing violence, and perpetuating the idea that one life is more valuable than another life just because of the body you’re born into,” she said.

That’s rights, folks. Apparently we’re “ists” if we think we’re more valuable than chickens. Granted, this group’s behavior is unhinged, annoying, intrusive, and self-defeating, but equally unhinged is the woman attacking…

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