I’m just another snarky writer who wasn’t disciplined enough as a child. Journalist at The Washington Times, which I often cite. Master’s from the University of Florida in journalism and political campaigning. Right-leaning libertarian. I love God, the Constitution, grunge music and my husband. I’m politically incorrect, and I make no apologies.

29 thoughts on “Who is Jessica Chasmar?

  1. I really liked your article, “Who are the Evil Rich.” You hit the nail right on the head on this one. Obama says his Taxes effects only certain Rich, but in fact, it’s all a big lie when both Small Business Owners and those like your Parents, who worked hard to get to where they are, are tarred and feathered. Oh, and the OWS, are the HAVE NOTS but WANT WHAT IS YOURS group. Just from the Signs that was pictured, you can tell where their minds are really at—> in the GUTTER!
    Joseph Kent

  2. “liberals cry (which obviously isn’t difficult.).” I find discussing politics with them is like shooting fish in a barrel. Also you have to do is mention facts and the pull the race card.

  3. Just got an emial saying that you are “following” me on twitter. To be honest, I’m a 77 yr old who flat doesn’t understan twitter, facebook, and the other social networks; but I enjoy the concept.
    I’ve just written what I considered to be a fictional novel… see website: http://www.factitiusbook.com
    I now see it as being more possible under the current administration.
    I enjoy your blog, and preety much agree with all of your observations, though i see myself more CONSERVATIVE than LIBERTARIAN.
    I’m not exactly sure of hoe to “signup” to your blog; but keep up the good work!

  4. Really dig your web. You are a true Patriot! My people came from Scotland and fought many battles in the revolutionary war. Had great grandfather who served for 30 years in Patriot Army. It is now the “Times of the Gentiles”. But there is a new government on the way,Isa. 9:6-8.

  5. If I were about 30 years younger, you would need a large supply of track shoes or maybe you might like being caught., My kind of woman. Go girl. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hello, Jessica. Thanks for following me on Twitter#WarriorBeacon. Right back with ya’ on that tool! Hey, awesome blog you have! You deserve much more traffic here, btw. I’ll do something about that for you when I get my pages set up here in another week or so. And I’m on the same page with ya in this ranting, and a recovering Republican, now a common sense Libertarian myself. It is time for a new platform in politics. Don’t think we’ll ever change the Grand Ole Party. Keep up the great works. I’m just setting up to monetize some of my sites again and will be bringing traffic from all the major networks to my site soon at http://warriorbeacon.com/ Got sidetracked making money again for a bit before holidays, and now that the evil ones retain power. What a shocker! But/and God knows what He’s doing, I trust. For now, time to educate, inspire and bring Austrian economics to light.

  7. I enjoyed reading your posts Jessica. Incidentally I think you’re really cute too. To bad I’m really a lot older oh well my loss.

  8. Jessica Chasmar is a republican, not a libertarian. Known for her flagrant disregard of logic, she often flaunts her hefty income ($100,000) a year (which is a joke to people like me). Being a filthy rich libertarian, I despise the fact that this woman can garner any attention. She also went to University of Florida (a joke of a school).

    • Yeah, because you know so much about me and what I believe. You said I was stupid because I believe in God. I refuted your claim, telling you that I am both an academic and successful in my career. I NEVER told you my income. And you’re right, UF (with one of the top-ten journalism schools in the country) is such a joke. Get out of here, you’re nothing but a troll who has nothing better to do than annoy me.

  9. Thanks for following me Jessica, Im new to twitter and blogging, and did not realize there are young peeps out there who have it right. Good luck to you, I will follow closely.

  10. After 30 years serving this country and 2 deployments in the last three years I am sad for this country and the death of what it stands for. If the Libertarian or constitutional movement doesn’t catch on I fear America is over.

  11. Of everything you do, I enjoy your singing, performing and writing best. “A New Day”, cello fills against the hooks you sing, and at the end a bit of weaving of that, some orchestration with a violin ensemble in some parts would be nice as well. Yup “A New Day” is probably my favorite for many reasons, although a lot of your stuff is quite nice.

  12. I am not positive where you’re getting your info, however good topic. I needs to spend a while studying more or working out more. Thank you for magnificent information I was searching for this information for my mission.

  13. Hello Jessica doesn’t much matter if you are a Libertarian or a Conservative I think you’re pretty good-looking what ever political philosophy you go by! Incidentally I am a Constitutional Conservative a la Mark Levin and you know both political philosophies do share many of the same values.

    • Oh one more thing honey if I may . I noticed that rude comment that person wrote concerning where you want to school . I went to the University of South Florida — Tampa and that is a really fine school did you go to USF?

      Keep up the good work I always enjoy reading what you write.

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