Filthy Filner wants the city’s taxpayers to foot the bill for legal fees incurred in a sexual harassment lawsuit against the embattled Democrat.

The mayor’s attorney made the request Monday afternoon and it will be discussed during a City Council’s closed-door session Tuesday evening, ABC 10 News reported.

“I don’t know that we can justify that expense, given the personal nature of the allegations,” Council President Todd Gloria said. “This was not stuff that was done in the course of the mayor’s work or required by his work. This is stuff he chose to do on his own.”

Seven of the nine council members have called for Mr. Filner to resign.

The public will be able to discuss the matter before council members meet with City Attorney Jan Goldsmith.

Seven women have publicly alleged that Mr. Filner has made lewd comments and sexual advances toward them.

The Democrat apologized for his behavior and said he would undergo “intensive therapy” for two weeks starting Aug. 5.

UPDATE 1: San Diego City Council to sue mayor to recover sexual harassment lawsuit costs

UPDATE 2: San Diego City Council members voted unanimously — twice — late Tuesday to deny Filner’s request.


2 thoughts on “San Diego pervert Bob Filner wants you to foot his legal bills

  1. This whole “intensive therapy” thing is always such a damn joke. In fact, it’s downright insulting. The man did not do what he did because he has some kind of defect that made him incapable of not doing it.

    Like every case of harassment there are three things that caused this:

    1. The guy was horny
    2. He knew it was unethical, but didn’t care, because he has no morals
    3. He either thought he would get away with it or didn’t care.

    Number 2 is also why he is not resigning. He doesn’t care about the city’s reputation or the expense or any of that. He likes his job and wants to keep it.

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