Dear Jessica,

I’m an Egyptian citizen, a wife and a mother of two beautiful girls and I would like to thank you for your article about Al Jazeera Channel because I want you to be sure that it wasn’t a coup it was the willing of the 33 million people on the streets. I was one of them. Muslims and Christians, my neighbors, the poor vegetables sellers in the streets every single one except for the [Muslim Brotherhood] members because they want the country for themselves and to hell with everyone else, so I want to thank you once more and to invite you to our beloved Egypt to come and see the great land of the Nile.



3 thoughts on “Some people get it.

  1. I feel the same way about the Christian right in this country. they want a only Christian nation and they try to control what people do and think through legislation.

  2. I don’t think that’s true, Scott. I am a conservative Christian in many ways, but I am not an extremist. I don’t want to tell you or anyone on the left what to do-but I don’t understand why we can’t just agree to disagree. We are not all crazy and most of us think those people from the Westboro Baptist church or whoever they are are nuts. I have to say- if the right uses legislation to control the nation, the left uses Executive fiat and the court system to implement their own agenda.

  3. There have got to be millions like Neveen in these countries. The real tragedy in the “Arab Spring” is that their voices are trying to be heard but are being drowned out by the radical minority that the US government supports.

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