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Hip hop mogul Michael (Blue) Williams, head of Family Tree Entertainment, is proposing “Guns for Greatness” in New York City that would allow people to trade in firearms for tickets to an upcoming Beyoncé concert.

The effort has already received a thumbs-up from ministers, prosecutors and even “America’s Got Talent” host Nick Cannon.

“Exceptional work,” Cannon tweeted.

Williams has already raised $75,000 for the initiative and hopes to reach $100,000. He hopes to hand out tickets to Beyoncé’s Barclays Center concert in August for people who join, the Daily News reports.

He is currently awaiting a go-ahead from Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly to launch his buyback event at a Brooklyn church on March 23.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said Tuesday that “Guns for Greatness” sounds like a “positive way of encouraging young people to turn in guns.”


6 thoughts on “Hip Hop mogul offers Beyonce tickets for guns

  1. Voluntary collection and trade of guns for concert tickets are interesting in that it contributes to what some envision as the public good without rising to the level of control. Control of guns as a mandatory and freedom restricting act is against the Second Amendment in that all peace loving Americans are a part of the citizen militia and should be allowed that right if they are not criminals and are sane. This work being performed by Williams does not conflict with the Second Amendment. It may well be a way to reduce gun violence in the inner cities with people who have acquired cheap weapons that they may possibly use for illegal purposes.

    It is true that I and many law-abiding Americans are firmly against more restrictions on Second Amendment rights. We might find this act of exchanging tickets for weapons a cheap shot across the bow at Second Amendment advocates, but frankly it is not much more than an immature attempt to bait freedom loving and peaceful owners of firearms. While this exchange is a loss of revenue for the people who donate money to buy the tickets, it does not really show any sacrifice on the part of Williams or Ms. Knowles (Beyonce’.) The $100,000 dollar goal of fund raising will ultimately go toward buying tickets to the concert, not toward an actual purchase of a gun or guns that will actually prevent a criminal act.

    The concept of reducing crime by reducing the ability of people to defend themselves against criminals is tantamount to reducing the need for mathematics by burning the math books. Math will still be used and the people that do not know it will be enslaved by those who do know it.

  2. Good for them…I hope her concert is worth the 82 guns they get. Oh, and I know I wouldn’t go to a show with the knowledge of the people around me being gang thugs that probably have several other illegal weapons close by. Just sayin…

  3. Hell, keep the gun and use it to rob someone of their Beyonce tickets…I jest. They will probably turn in a bunch of malfunctioning guns that don’t even work, scalp the tickets, and buy a much better gun.

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