I’ve heard a lot of opposing views on the chicken debate and before going into mine, I’d like to preface it with my views on gay marriage.

I am a Libertarian. I don’t believe the government has any business in marriage, but unfortunately, with our current tax code, marriage is a federal institution. On the flip side, religion has no business in government. Therefore, I believe in government unions and religious marriage. If gays want to get married in a church, that’s something they’re going to have to take up with the church and its congregants. I don’t believe in this “support gay marriage” nonsense, because passing gay marriage state-by-state is only addressing the symptom, not the disease. The disease is in the tax code. The disease is that the government is intimately involved in a holy union between two people. The only way to eliminate this breach of separation of church and state is to rewrite the tax code, and let the churches, and the churches alone, perform a marriage.

So the hundreds of people that yell and berate me every day — calling me bigoted, racist, redneck, ignorant, uneducated — are simply just ignoring the fact that I am a Libertarian, and I do not subscribe to legalizing “gay marriage” as it is termed. The gays are simply addressing the wrong issue if they truly want freedom.

This brings me to my stance on the Chick-fil-A debate. I never said a word when CEO Dan Cathy expressed his views on gay marriage. The fast-food chain shuts down on Sundays for crying out loud, I don’t think it was ever any question what its doctrine was. I also never said a word when the left-of-center chomped at the bit to criticize the company and attempt to launch a boycott. This is the very essence of America. Fight the speech you don’t like with more speech. Beautiful stuff. I applaud it.

But then the politicians got involved. First, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino vowed to keep the franchise out of his city, then Chicago alderman Proco “Joe” Moreno moved to ban the restaurants, then New York City Councillor Christine Quinn moved to ban it, and then — and here’s the real kicker — Rahm Emanuel speaks out in support of Moreno, saying Chick-fil-A’s values “are not Chicago values.”

Then Rahm goes on to summon the Jew-hating, whites-bashing, UFO-citing Louis Farrakhan to put on his cape and swoop into Chicago to help fight crime. So, Farrakhan, a man who has repeatedly called Hitler a “great man” and Judaism a “gutter religion” represents “Chicago values,” but those Christian, conservative, chicken-eaters better get the cluck out.

This Chick-fil-A debate really has nothing to do with gay marriage for me, though I’m sure it does for some. This debate is about the freedom to express freely from the right. We are conservatives for a reason. We don’t use our children as human shields, we don’t get pepper sprayed in mass droves, we don’t defecate on the American flag, we don’t chain ourselves to fences and we don’t protest just about everything on the planet there is to protest. We aren’t represented in the media because we aren’t obnoxious enough. Fine by me.

But today, I saw something take place on the internet that I’ve never seen before. I saw unity. I even heard from a subscriber that people were singing “God Bless America” while waiting hours on end to help support their local franchise. Another subscriber told me that him and his fellow congregants ordered an ungodly amount of food, only to donate it to their nearest homeless shelter. We had finally gotten it: Our freedom of speech is under attack, and our weapon of choice is kindness and unrelenting protection of our freedom.

The left tends to boil everything in politics down to racism, bigotry and hate. These are classic scare tactics for the media to get you to shut up. To people on the left, freedom of speech only applies when they agree with it.

big·ot·ry [big-uh-tree]
noun, plural big·ot·ries.
1. stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.
2. the actions, beliefs, prejudices, etc., of a bigot.

Make no mistake, this debate is not just about protecting the freedom of speech. This debate is about protecting the freedom of religion. Rush Limbaugh said it best when he said this Chick-fil-A boycott “is an attack on Christianity.” Liberals would pay no mind if Muslims built a mosque on every street corner of their neighborhood. But this is a private company that operates via franchises owned and operated by small business people and families, many of faith.

The First Amendment is not up for debate, fellow patriots. It is our very last bastion of hope if we’re going to keep this country the best nation on earth. We cannot compromise on this Amendment, for the Fathers made it our first for a very deliberate reason. It was the defining Amendment that liberated us wholly from the British. This Chick-fil-A mudslinging is an attack on your faith. It is an attack on God.

We knew it was coming, and today was the day we chose to fight back. I’ve never seen so much support for anything in my life, and I’ve never been more proud. If this is any indication of what November will look like, Obama better start packing his golf clubs.

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  1. Bless you – this is one of the best things that I have read in a long, long time; you nailed it all so perfectly, the true issues involved, the positive and uplifting side of the story. And thanks for the slides!! Notice not only the diverse character of the customers, but that there were no riots, brawls or temper fits even in the long lines? In the summer heat?? And the people were still smiling even after standing in line for an unusually long time?
    And the supreme irony of this whole deal, to me, is simply this:
    The GAYS are the ones responsible for all the massive publicity that Chick-Fil-A has had on every channel of TV and radio, for the last week; the GAYS are responsible for those long lines and the record sales, and the GAYS are responsible for the tens of thousands of new customers who will now patronize the chain of stores on a regular basis.
    Had not the gay community made such a huge stink over nothing, then it would have been business as usual today at Chick-Fil-A. But the ugliness and mindless name-calling done by the ‘tolerant’ gays and their ‘inclusive’ supporters, has done nothing less than give free publicity to the business and galvanize conservative / libertarian people into taking a constructive, positive approach to supporting those who share their values. All around, well done. Thanks again for your article and your blog. You’re the best.

  2. Well, said, Jessica! I reposted to Facebook. Food for thought …especially on where the argument really lies, in freedom of speech, in freedom of religion and in tax law. I’ll be thinking about your comments for awhile. Don’t really have anything to add, just appreciating what, and how, you said this.

  3. The Louis Farrakhan “UFO citing” is a classic !!! Along those same lines…how does Rev. Al Sharpton have ANY credibility at all ??? Tawana Brawley= FAIL…
    Duke Lacrosse case= FAIL… just sayin’

    • The problem with hyper-sensitivity is that those who are pros at dishing “it” out…can be rather amateurish when receiving “it” .
      : /

      • so what? you’re just going to copy and paste the same comment and put it on all my blog posts? You crossed a line with me. Implying that because I’m witty I can’t get laid? Or that I can get laid because I’m not witty? Who knows. Whatever you were trying to say was creepy and weird. Then you posted some low-brow, knuckle-dragging sex joke on MY PERSONAL PAGE. gross. creepy. had to pull the plug.

        My facebook page is MINE. it is not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship. Don’t get it twisted.

        I am a pro at creepy, weird, even nonsensical language, but when i say “stop” i mean it. your comments were not witty, enlightening or funny. Sorry you’re all butthurt about it and had to take to my blog, but a simple apology would have fixed your situation immediately.

      • I am terribly sorry that I offended you : (
        I would agree that your fb page is not a democracy, but that is your prerogative. I have tried to steer a few conservative and witty female fb friends your way, but they all complain that you delete all of their posts and comments. Again, your prerogative….
        As for me and my comment(s), I am sorry that I hit a nerve with you. I thought you would appreciate a quote(any quote) from Florence King, as she was once a conservative and witty columnist for the National Review. In all fairness Jessica, you didn’t give me a chance to apologize(even though I have seen much worse written by you and many of your fans)…by promptly deleting me and blocking me from facebook. I have a feeling that it would( and has) take a lot more than what just transpired for you to get so upset and defensive….so maybe this has been long comming ??? At any rate, do whatever you gotta do. I do not derive any pleassure from upsetting someone to where it stimulates this much drama. I AM sorry, and I DO apologize for my words, actions, and apparent lack of class. If we ever meet again on fb, I can asure you that it will not happen again. There are many fb “friends” of mine who are just better off staying off of my wall, and vice-versa. It’s just not worth it. I hope you have a safe but fun New Year’s Eve, and a very fruitful year in 2013 !!! God Bless : )

      • This thread is a perfect example of how I don’t delete anything. Kenny said my mother should have aborted me and I still let him comment on here. Your friends are liars. Plain and simple.

  4. You have very effectively identified the roots of this issue by stripping away the layers. Everyone should read this article. The American people are awake and clearly will not take this Socialist BS any longer. Thank You Jessica!

  5. Excellent column, Jessica! I also think this is another of the ongoing efforts of the past six months to pit groups of people against each other…and it seems to be working some. Hope you don’t mind if I repost this to my FB group.

  6. Excellent column, Jessica! I also think this is part of the ongoing efforts of the past six months to pit groups of people against each other…and it has been done with some success. I hope you don’t mind if I repost this to my FB group.

  7. I love your writing and opinions, keep it up, my 18 year old son would love you. Too bad the liberal media is so distorting and destructive. This fight will never end.

  8. Well said, Jessica. I, like many, are frustrated by the double standards used by liberals and fostered by mainstream media. More disturbing, to me at least, is how close our country is to mediocrity and yet very few people appear to recognize it or are inclined to do anything about it. Keep writing.

  9. Excellent article Jessica! Very much on point and a great read. I agree that everyone should read this. Keep up the good fight.

    Signed: A fellow patriot

  10. i agree with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your incoming updates. just saying thanks will not just be enough, for the phenomenal clarity in your writing.

  11. Great read! (I just recently discovered your blog) Good points on the tax issue being the underlying problem with marriage beliefs. Thanks!

  12. Absolutely right!
    As they say in the military, “If not getting flak, you’re not over the target!”

    PS. Follow me on Twitter, @adidell2

  13. The things you do over there just leaves be breathless… The debate over there is at such a lowpoint and i cannot understand why the people of America aren’t in the streets demanding the politicians to grow up, grow some cojones and become the leaders they singned up to be… Of course a private company can have whatever policy they want and then let the market decide, I’m totally with you there. Of course gays should be able to get married as long as they are married by a priest that does it by his own will. Of course church and state should be separated, personally I cannot understand the “in god we trust” on your bills, that seems to merge state and religion à bit to much imo…

    I’m sittning here in “evil socialist” Sweden, with a full plate of food, money in my account and a surplus in our finances, I’m seeing a formerly great nation gasping for air with no help in sight. Your politicians are weak, scared and corrupted, the debate is without compromise, there is only black or white, no grey, no middleground. I so hope you will find your way again and go back (or forward) to the great nation you once were.

    As I’m an atheist I don’t bless, but good luck America, you seem to need it…

    Oh, and Jessica, you seem to be a smart person with ideas and convictions, you need to be one of the people to start take some responsibility over there… Good Luck, I’ll be keep reading your blog, good ideas, passion and conviction, a rare commodity… All power to you all, get up, get proud, clean house, that’s what i’d like to see happen…

  14. Libertarians believe in equal protection of the law.

    You do not believe in equal protection of the law.

    Therefore, you are not a libertarian.

    Inflated word counts don’t turn stupid into smart, or bigoted into enlightened.

      • Apparently, only the self proclaimed “world’s leading gay libertarian blogger” (CMTinPHX) is smart and enlightened enough to understand your message. Seems to me you stated that you don’t think the government should be deciding who is considered married. How is that not equal for all? Oh I forgot that your a bigot cause he said so.

      • big·ot·ry [big-uh-tree]
        noun, plural big·ot·ries.
        1. stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one’s own.

        Well demonstrated in your responses to anyone who dare disagree with you Jessica!!!

        As for the hundreds who call you racist, a bigot etc etc – do you think your inconsiderate comments/tweets on ‘Mohammed from 1000m’, ‘if I worked as a pool cleaner like you’ to a fellow Latino who incidentally doesn’t work as a pool cleaner, ‘jokes’ about islam etc might have anything to do with that – you incite hatred and poor members of the Armed Forces and the american public at large ultimately suffer the consequences. Having spent 9 years in the military I am aware of the how the US is viewed in light of such racist comments – even if you believe it, why incite anger by saying so publicly?

        Have you ever wondered why so many countries hate the US? Most actually like the majority of individual Americans they meet – it’s the extremist right wing folks like yourself (couldn’t be further from liberalist ideals if you tried) who achieve such an effect… so back to your firearms (via a massively misinterpreted constititution – is the right to arm really for the purpose of starting a militia?!) and bible. If god intends everything that happens as you purport then surely it must have been his will for Obama, the only sane candidate, to win? Good luck with that!

        “Extremist jihadists – want to wage war on those who don’t believe their views, are very religious and hated by many”. Substitute ‘extremist republican and Mitt Romney supporters’ for extremist jihadists and the same can be said! I’m not pro jihadist before you accuse, just trying to highlight how equally dangerous extreme beliefs of any persuasion are and what the consequences are.

        He didn’t lose the election on abortion – that was just the icing on the cake for the educated many Americans voting Obama that the rest of the world are thankful for. Try cross checking the top 100 states for colleges/education against the states voting for the non gun toting, millionaire (who keeps his money offshore), flip flopping on every single policy including Obama-care (introduced by him in Mass) lunatic and you might see why Obama won. Why such a dangerous fascist was allowed to run in the first place with such views on abortion/gay rights/inability to pay taxes is another question altogether. In touch with reality and sympathetic with the general public… is he f*#k.e. Obama is, that’s why he won. People voting Obama probably aren’t even democrats but they couldn’t begin to relate to Romney so had no other option. Last time they saw someone as retarded and dangerous as Romney was when Bush cheated the 2008 election – he’s the one who really screwed the economy before handing it to Obama.

        I’m sure this will be deleted/blocked due to your aforementioned personification of the word bigotry (big uh tree) but freedom of speech and all that, might be educational?!

        I don’t expect you to agree, just expressing my opinion – one shared by quite a number around the world and possibly in the alleged ‘free world’ of the USA also. ‘free’ from independent thought perhaps…

      • Amazing, a liberal that could put fingers to keyboard with so many words, empty of anything but moronic half thought out rants…oh wait I meant typical. If only they could read and think for themselves. I especially love that you think we’d all live happily ever after, if people would just stop pissing off the islamists. Truely, clueless.

      • Gee, Louise, I thought the date and subject matter of this article had sunk it into the depths of irrelevance, but I’m flattered you’ve taken so much time out of your day to lurk me, as many of the things you’ve mentioned I have posted long, long ago. A little creepy, but flattering nonetheless.

        Free speech “might be educational?” Are you retarded? Did you even read this article? I don’t block anyone. I really couldn’t give a frosty shit what you, or anyone else for that matter, says and/or thinks about me. That’s the beauty of America. Rage on, my little PR bitch. You’ll do wonders for my page hits.

      • For anyone who doesn’t understand what Louise’s panties are in a wad over, here ya go. Enjoy.

        by the way, everyone in the world hates Americans because we are, in fact, better than them. Sleep tight, sweet pea.

      • you keep telling yourself that and all will be well I’m sure…. very entertaining!

        Thought an alternate opinion might be educational and I support the freedom of speech you encourage, not saying free speech itself might be educational. My main point is that you all seem to slam any alternate views presented so if you really don’t give a shit what other people think then why react at all?!

        I like Kerwin’s grouping “they must be” – last time I checked I’m only 1 person, not a ‘they’. Loved the spelling of ‘truely’ also – and I’m the one that’s moronic 🙂 ‘if only they could read and think for themselves’ – funny, that’s what most folks outside the US say about republicans. Glad to stir up some debate.

        ps. not a liberal either

      • You’re “glad to stir up some debate”? If you had pointed out anything of value to add to the conversation we’d be happy to seriously consider your comments. However, feel free to carefully read Jessica’s post again, post something thoughtful and we’ll be happy to sift through the crap to find something worthy of debate. Try focusing on one issue at a time. I’m sure Social Kenny will back you up.

  15. They know it all, don’t they ? How did we ever survive without them ? More importantly, how will we continue to survive because of them ???

  16. I don’t have anything to add, but this article was a great read and I agree with your points on this. I’ve been trying to say something similar to most of my friends on the left regarding this, but it didn’t come out this way.

    Very enlightening.

  17. Very well stated.

    Sorry I’m a little late to reading this but I am glad to find I am not the only one with that particular point of view on marriage. Except for taxes and maybe health insurance, there is nothing that can’t be done by other legal means that marriage affords. Powers of Attorney and wills would settle most legal issues, along with binding contracts. I changed my view a few years ago when the LBGT community started pushing the issue of marriage and civil unions. It made me think about why marriage was a legal entity in the first place. Marriage should be entered into in accordance with the couple’s beliefs.

    As for the rest of your post, I agree. I was fine with the opinions flying back and forth until government officials got involved. They trampled the first amendment and the people needed to call them out on that little faux pas. On the left, the hypocricy is so thick you can cut it with a knife these days.

    Thank you again for the logical, concise commentary.

  18. Well said thou good and faithful servant of God. All of todays politics boil down to one thing,,, the Godly versus the ungodly.
    God bless you, & keep fighting the good fight.

    • Fantastic article! I’m going to share it on Facebook as a sort of counter-argument to this article. Just a couple minor issues i had with your post, but in general i think you’re a great writer and developed your thought very eloquently. You definitely made me think, and that’s what us, as bloggers, are trying to do here.

      1. This is true, but doesn’t help your argument too much. If you’re an at-will employee (non-union) you can get fired for anything. I was fired from my last newspaper for being a libertarian. They could have fired me for my blonde hair. Doesn’t matter.

      – About 90% of those 75 countries are Islamic countries; Countries where there is no separation of church and state. We will never be governed under Sharia or any other religious law, so we’re safe there as citizens.

      – I have a big problem with organizations pushing to criminalize gay activity. I take issue with the organizations, but I do not take issue with Chick-fil-A donating to them. Donations have been deemed as speech by the highest court in the land, and to each their own. Again, I didn’t buy a chicken sandwich to support free speech. I diligently supported the consumer who bought chicken sandwiches to support free speech.

      4. You read my article so I’m sure you understand already that I fully support homosexuals “marrying.” My issue is with the government’s intrusion on marriage itself, gay or straight. I believe in government unions and religious marriage. I fully support repealing DOMA.

      Marriage has no business in the tax code. I see it as the ultimate breach of church/state separation. Conversely, the feds have no business in a holy union between two consenting adults.

    • I’m not Christian, I’m against any laws that specifically target a particular population, but I *do* support Chik-Fil-A. I can see that a starting assumption is that the FRC supports these kind of laws, so I would ask you to name a couple so that I can properly not like them.

      However, Dan Cathy I’m fairly sure only supports the conservative Christian side of the FRC, which might include a couple of policies that are not on the Gay agenda. If you could speak nicely to him, you might even get him to tell you.

      You shop at places that have owners that support things like public schools, and any kind of direct taxation. I won’t hold that against you. Except perhaps to note that you seem like you are being hypocritical. Or naive. How many other places that you shop at have Conservative owners? Or stock holders? Or cash register people?

      Chik-Fil-A accepts any race / creed / gender / orientation and even religion, both in their dining room and for employment. The only thing annoying about them in this respect is that if you are Orthodox Jewish, you can’t work on Friday night to Saturday, and the shop is closed on Sunday.

      As a Libertarian, I support Dan Cathy’s ability to donate to a cause of his choosing, and I oppose Mayor Menino’s (Boston) threat of applying government resources against his company. This is *exacly* where the first amendment comes in.

      And with regard to your first point, I am very against DOMA, even while I have a gay buddy who doesn’t understand when I proceed to tell him that the Tax Laws were written with a definition of marriage in mind. Between a man and a woman. But like Jessica,a very smart and talented woman, I would eliminate religious artifacts from the government including from the tax code. I suspect we would both get rid of the tax code.

      Anyway, you need to take a long look in the mirror about what Tolerance means. It seems you have a lot of Gay friends who are Christian, and yet you don’t Boycott them. You seem to understand that Christians feel strongly about being drug addicted or divorced, and still accept the people, yet you can’t seem to understand that that applies to Gays also. Love the sinner, hate the sin. Not that I think they are correct in calling that a sin. But I do understand their perspective..

  19. is it not embarrassing, however, that some of their profits are going to Exodus Int’l, where American “Christians” go to an African country to encourage taking away human rights and other freedoms?

  20. Powerful and entertaining as always. Your blog always reminds me that there is hope for America remaining America. =) Your dead-on, point-proving humor and sarcasm almost left me somewhere between clutching my stomach and fist-pumping in the air here–>…”Then Rahm goes on to summon the Jew-hating, whites-bashing, UFO-citing Louis Farrakhan to put on his cape and swoop into Chicago to help fight crime. So, Farrakhan, a man who has repeatedly called Hitler a “great man” and Judaism a “gutter religion” represents “Chicago values,” but those Christian, conservative, chicken-eaters better get the cluck out.” Very proud as an American to read your blog always. I nominated you for an award also. It’s kind of contagious right now. I’m not savvy on the accepting and nominating but you might check out my blog and take a look =) You got it Jess 😉

  21. Why should anyone care if muslims build a mosque on every corner?

    Does that mean a Muslim takeover lol.

    GOP’s are just paranoid idiots who are afraid that America will be overrun by others(other religions,other nationalities besides whites).

    And if you(Jessica) really knew what was going on in this world,you would’ve known that the UG government/defense department staged 9-11 along with the wicked Mossad of Israel and blamed it on some al-qaeda which never existed in order for them to invade Iraq,Afghan and win Bush a re-election.(CIA admitted numerous times on the Associated Press that Al-Qaeda was just a scare tactic and a myth).

    My point in saying all that is “Muslims aren’t a threat to no one.They are used as scapegoats by the west.

    That’s food for thought.And I’m not even a muslim.Just someone with the blindfolds off the eyes.

    • Good job on trying to use one sentence out of my entire blog post to soapbox your real agenda, which is to hijack my writings and turn it into a 9/11, East vs. West debate. The sentence in question would have had the same meaning had I said churches, temples, chapels, synagogues, viharas or gurdwaras.

      Anything else you’d like to opine? Or is drive-by commenting void of any critical thinking skills your M.O.?

      • That wasn’t any drive-by comment.

        Buf if the moniker for your blog is “fool me never”,then it’s only right that you’d come off as someone who hasn’t been fooled by what the main-stream media reports.

        I basically picked an issue from this article to tackle.I have no probs with your Chick-Fil-A argument.But when you wanna incorporate typical-conservative(Con-Servative as in CON)talking points to prove a point,don’t be pissed when that point gets tackled.

    • Ignorance is bliss, but stupidity is entertaining. Besides the evidence that you lack basic grammer/ writing skills, there’s a clear indication that you can’t read very well. I’d recommend you read Carl Sagan’s “The Demon-Haunted World” for learning how to sift through the truely twisted conspiracies which you’ve adopted as “factual” evidence. There would be some very hard words to follow in the book however.

      • Ah,just like a typical conservative-leaning honkie who believe that every black person is illiterate.But I see through you cracker.

        And for your info,not 1 word of the above comment I made was misspell,nor was my diction and writing skills incorrect.

        And you obviously lack comprehension skills or you would’ve grasped what was said.

        And maybe you should read Alex Jone’s website,and maybe then you’d learn how to remove that proverbial wool from your eyes you white devil.

      • You children need to put aside your differences and grow up, take responsibility for your words and actions. The highest form of maturity is critical thinking and diplomatic speech. Not carping and whining about each others racists rants.

      • I apologize if anyone read “racist” comments from what I posted. I can’t seem to find anything “racist” in my posts however. I did however re-read it several times, just to be sure. I did attack his intelligence, but gave a great recommendation for a book which does use critical thinking.

  22. You can play these semantical games all you want cracker,but whatever site it is that you’re running,I doubt it has an audience.

    Perhaps you should stop by my blog and I’ll teach you how to seduce women and get laid,because obviously,penis envy is percolating beneath the surface.

    And since you’re a honkie racist,you’d probably strangle yourself if you happen to venture to my blog about picking up women,after you see how many of your white-slutty women I bang regularly.

    So let penis envy irritate you.

    • Ohhhhhhh K I’ve had enough of this ugliness. I will leave your comments up for mere speculation, and to show my readers that people like you ACTUALLY exist in the world, but every comment from here on out will be deleted.

      Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time, my friend. Peace be with you.

      • “People like me” meaning what?

        You mean black people?

        Oh I see,you’re another butt-hurt individual who hates to take criticism and hates to be disagreed with.

        You can delete all my comments all you want,you’re still a racist piece of white cracker shit who needs a face lift terribly.

    • And you Socialkenny are the epitome of race hating, the thing you seem to see in everyone else. Clearly a conspiracy theorist at the same time. Liberal/communists love to hear it when people agree with them, but the slightest disagreement, and out comes the actual hate speech. I suspect “you people” is more of a reference to zealots of any stripe/color…just happens you had to turn it into a nonexistent race issue.

    • So let me get this straight, “SocialKenny.” People here are racists, yet you’re one going around using racial slurs and epithets. Ironic. And you “bang slutty white women.”
      So, not only are you a hypocrite racist, but you’re also a misogynist, and stupid. And I’d be willing to bet you have a lot of pent up anger, probably from your dad running out on you at a very early age, like you like to project towards others. Sound about right?

      • @Sgt Hug & Nick-

        Huge difference between a low-key racist and a straight up racist.

        I can respect white supremacist because they say it like it is;nigger,monkey whatever.They let their racism be know.

        But I can’t respect imbecile maggots like Kerwin who make statements loaded with racial innuendos in order to fly beneath the radar.

        Kerwin doesn’t know me,yet he most likely seen my avatar as a black man,and chose to say that I don’t know how to read,write nor spell.

        So he assumed since I was black,I wasn’t able to do any of those things,thus I’m illiterate.

        That’s how a low-key racist operate.He uses innuendos and slick remarks to get his point across.

        I’m no racist,but I do know(from historic/scientific facts)that the black man is superior to the white man in almost everything.

        That isn’t racism;that’s facts.We as black ppl roamed this Earth for millions of years before the white man even came on the scene 6,000 years ago.

        Yall are 6,000 years old.The black man is millions of years old.Now who’s superior?Who’s original?Who’s authentic?Who were chosen?

        Not racism,just facts.

      • “I’m no racist,but I do know(from historic/scientific facts)that the black man is superior to the white man in almost everything.”
        Well, websters says
        racism :
        1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
        2: racial prejudice or discrimination

        Yes, you are a racist. A rose by anyother name…
        Maybe you believe DNA is some “made up magic” thing. I thought it was pretty well known that we are all related to a single female from Africa. So, can’t we stop all this family fighting?

      • Speaking of being illiterate and preaching grammar and writing skills, you DO know there’s supposed to be a space between punctuation marks and words, right?

    • Well good point;I never met a white man with the name of Kerwin before.So you could be black.And if you are,I’d go so far as to call you an ignorant nigga(although I never use the n word in daily life).

  23. @Kerwin-At least I have a readership on my blog,and my articles about how to pick up,seduce and bang white girls average about 40 comments per article.That’s pretty friggin’ active don’t you think genius?

    And as I stated prior:you and the other guys here are free to visit my super-active blog where I,along with other instructors of the pick-up/seduction community can teach y’all how to seduce and bang lots of hot women.

    • Guess you didn’t check the link I posted for you.
      But, the only differences between the two of us are that:
      I can spell (or spell check at least), you can’t
      I know the difference between facts and fantasy, and you don’t
      I’ve at least attended higher level education, …I’ll let you dig yourself deeper on this
      love ya, seriously though, I bet once you open your mouth all those woman dry up and go home.

      • I am so pissed ! Super Kenny has gone and banged my honkie-cracker mother, sister, and daughter : (
        He told them afterwards that all he knew how to do was to show his racial bigotry towards the blue-eyed white devil plantation owner…. by banging all the cracker hoes that he could. They said that they tried to rehab him by teaching him a new trade, but he refused to learn how to operate a Mr. Potato Head kit or a slinky.

  24. @Kerwin-And don’t come with this malicious lie about my blog’s ratings tanking.

    I’m huge in Japan and been huge there since I’ve been bloggin.How many Japanese readers do you have,or this blog for that matter?

  25. Why do I need to check a link when I’m aware of how many ppl on average comment on my articles?

    The difference between you and I is the obvious intelligence and comprehension factor.You obviously lack basic adult comprehension.

    Lol you obviously know nada of what you say.I have Youtube videos you clown,posted all through my site,demonstrating on hidden cam’ how to seduce women on the streets,clubs and college campuses.

    Where is the proof that you can pull ass?

    Exactly,there’s none.

    My skills are documented on my blog.I’m a dating coach/pick-up artist instructor out of NYC via the Caribbean.I work for a dating company on seducing women.

    Don’t call me out maggot!My life with women is documented.And that is why men all over the glob gravitate to my site,in order to learn.

    Now how many women have you banged?

    I bang so much per week(over the past 7 years),it’s ridiculous.

    • I’ve never seen someone so proud of the fact that he’s going to die at a early age from a burning, incurable disease.

      • @Nick-You’re a typical guy suffering from penis-envy.

        And for your info,you can check my video link on my blog and see the college educated teachers and students from Brooklyn College(CUNY)whom I pick up regularly.

        And for y’all info,I live between NYC(where I grew up my entire life)and the Caribbean island of Antigua(where I was born).

        My point?Y’all crackers are stuck in 1 state,1 country,while I travel the globe banging chics from the Caribbean to Greece.

        Stay envious faggots.

      • Well Socialkenny, you have been to a couple of states and a couple of countries…all in an effort to help legitimze stereotypes and your own sorry image. Well, I’m a white guy who has been to 45 states. The better part I’ve been to 21 different countries while in the Marines…all in training to protect sorry, pathetic individuals like yourself…and you know what, I’d do it again, because the bigger picture is far more important than your self serving racist life. Look up the definition, your previous comments define racism quite nicely.

        What a shame you had to hijack this Jessica’s post…then again, it’s a reminder that people like you are out there, yes people like you…oxygen thieves.

      • Yes, I have penis envy. I envy the fact that when I die, my penis will be intact.

        Btw. It’s REAAAALLY hard to take anything you say seriously. You claim to be all-knowing about life and women, but don’t grasp the simple concept of punctuation and proper sentence structure.

  26. @Kerwin-Why do I need to check a link when I’m aware of how many ppl on average comment on my articles?

    The difference between you and I is the obvious intelligence and comprehension factor.You obviously lack basic adult comprehension.

    Lol you obviously know nada of what you say.I have Youtube videos you clown,posted all through my site,demonstrating on hidden cam’ how to seduce women on the streets,clubs and college campuses.

    Where is the proof that you can pull ass?

    Exactly,there’s none.

    My skills are documented on my blog.I’m a dating coach/pick-up artist instructor out of NYC via the Caribbean.I work for a dating company on seducing women.

    Don’t call me out maggot!My life with women is documented.And that is why men all over the glob gravitate to my site,in order to learn.

    Now how many women have you banged?

    I bang so much per week(over the past 7 years),it’s ridiculous.

    • Slapnuts …sorry I mean Socialkenny. Are they all women? If not, don’t worry just consider that you have an option that others hopefully don’t have. And technically if you push back you’re not gay. You probably can get more info from all those buddies of yours that flock to your site. And even if a majority are women that you bang(gee this is like the Gong Show)remember a warm bucket of water does not count. Go you tomcat

  27. Question(s): If marriage is wholly unregulated as you propose, how are the legal implications of marriage dealt with? How are the rights of those involved dealt with in cases of divorce, separation, death of a spouse, etc? Who serves as an arbiter for assets and property? Would it be the place of the house of worship, since really there is no legally binding agreement if marriage unregulated?

    I suppose these questions go back to earlier comments about equal protection under the law.

    Thanks for the follow, btw.

    • @Brad-You can check out my blog too and you’ll really see how frustrated I am.

      Don’t be a clown like the rest of these pricks on here.

      And you know what,maybe you’re right.Maybe I’m frustrated as a black man who bangs white women very easily(teachers,professors,students,counselors).Maybe I’m frustrated that white women aren’t that challenging.Point taken faggot.

      • I have seen your blog….it’s a joke, just like you. Intelligent people of reason can carry on conversations without using racist slurs and demeaning comments toward others; whilst, at the same time, not feel the CONSTANT need to build themselves up sexually….by bragging on their conquests over women, like a tenage boy going through puberty. You have too much hate and immaturity working against you. Nothing you can say to or about me will change that either. Your much needed change will have to come from within.

  28. @Nick-And since when was knowing how to punctuate your writings meant the difference between getting laid or not?

    How stupid can you be?

    And listen clown,you don’t have to take anything I say seriously.My blog’s commentary,interaction,traffic(super high)and videos of me picking up women of all races speak for itself.

    So I don’t need to prove anything to you clown.

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  29. @SGT Hug-

    Well you know what,if I hadn’t hijacked this article,nor competed on it,how many comments do you think would’ve been posted!?Maybe 5.

    I’m the one who’s giving Jessica a boost of traffic on the net for this post.So Jessica can thank me for boosting her rankings and traffic for the day.And this is probably her most active article ever,and most commented.

    So she should thank me.

    • You are seriously delusional. You see how many unique visitors I have on my site? Nearly 19,000. You want to know how many Twitter followers I have? Nearly 35,000. How many do you have? Oh nevermind, I already checked: 300.

      I think you’re the one with the penis-envy, my friend. Anyone who talks about “bangin chicks” as much as you do is mentally disturbed.

      I wish the clap on both your houses.

  30. @Nick,Kerwin and others:

    Lastly on this point,y’all wanna falsely attack me on grammar,punctuations,dictions,etc.Let me tell y’all something:I’m FLUENT in speaking ENGLISH,SPANISH and ARABIC(Levantine dialect of Lebanon,Syria and Palestine).

    And I mean completely FLUENT in speaking them,writing them,comprehending them and dialoguing in those language.

    And I also know enough French,Italian and Portuguese to save my life.

    So,how many languages do yall so-called intelligent people know?

    Try and test me any any of the above 3 languages I’m fluent in and I can guarantee I’ll embarrass yall with my fluency and diction in comprehending them.

    So suck on that illiterate maggots.I don’t brag about my smarts.I let it be seen and known.

    • I was selected for special forces and led my own division of SEALS… At age 16.
      I operated nuclear power plants onboard satellites… From a submarine.
      I am the most elite sniper in all of the US Armed forces.
      I could be tracking your IP address right now and you would not even know it.
      I went to prison twice and escaped using my superior IT skills…

      You know what? I’m making this stuff up, and it still doesn’t sound as ridiculous as you sound right now.

      I will grant you everything you just claimed about yourself. I will grant you go through trashy white women like candy. I will grant you that you have a popular hook-up advice blog. I will grant that you are fluent in three different languages.

      And you know something? We don’t care. The fact that you came onto the blog spouting racist nonsense and started bragging about yourself when called out only gave us a day of entertainment and embarrassment for you.

      Quit. Just give up. We don’t want you to pull a muscle. Aren’t there trashy white women that you’re supposed to bang?

      • @Matt….that’s hilarious !!! At least you brag about noble and honorable things that you DID NOT DO ! lol… I notice that you didn’t brag about any sexual conquests ???
        My guess is that you were raised in a functional home to believe in minding your manners, showing love and respect towards others, and that what happens between the sheets….stays between the sheets. You were probably also taught that chivalry is not dead yet, and that a gentleman does not kiss and tell….just sayin’ : )

    • I love how you accuse of of “falsely attacking” your grammar, while doing it with a comment loaded with punctuation and grammar errors.

      You ARE right about one thing tho. You DO let it be seen and known.

      Dictations*, btw. Not “dictions.”

      You’re right, again. Your comprehension of language, English in particular, IS an embarrassment.

  31. @Jessica-What does having 35,000 twitter followers have to do with blog activity?

    All that says is that you’re an attention-whore.I only have about 300 followers.But that’s all I want.So what’s your point?

    Do you know the meaning of penis-envy?I don’t think you do.

    And BTW,I wouldn’t bang you with a 10 ft.pole.

    And if my comments are so much what you don’t need,then why don’t you just delete all of my comments lol.Make it simple.

    Delete all my comments if it’s delusional for me to say that I’m the reason this post have so much comments.

    You’re ugly,hideous-looking and resembles a crackhead.Get a face lift.

    • Like on South Park, I think it is time to kill “kenny”. Please pull the plug on him. At this point, we have all learned everything we need to learn from him. He obviously is a brilliant Arabic (laventine dialect) speaking chick banger that lets his smarts “be seen and known” by the lucky 300 followers he has limited himself to.

    • OMG, how typical. Like a rabid dog he lashes out at everyone and everything.
      Anyone live in NYC? Someone needs to put up posters to warn the binge drinkers, because I can’t see anyone possibly falling for more than two minutes of his mouth open.

    • Kenny, you must still live at home. I see that you have trouble coming up with a few intelligent words. It shows with your attempts to change the subject, trying to get personal with strangers. You need to get yourself a glass of personality. No hard feelings, bud. Good Luck

  32. Kenny, I already told you. I’m leaving your comments up because it’s entertaining. The only reason why your comments would ever drive traffic to my site is because my readers are so shocked and appalled that someone like you exists in the world that they just can’t look away. You’re like one of those hideous sideshow exhibits that people plop down 5 bucks to see, just to say they saw it, so they can walk away feeling better about themselves and their lives because they will never, EVER become the sad, pathetic wretch that you have become.

    I don’t know what your parents did to you, but I do know your mother should have done society a favor and swallowed that load.

    But she didn’t, sadly, and on that note, I will leave you to your bangin’ bitches and hating the white man and spending all of your money on seducing women (as your blog so eloquently states.) And I will go on to pray for you.

    … and reconsider my thoughts of ever having children.

  33. That was the most surreal thing I’ve read in a long time. Jessica, are you the female Howard Stern, creating insanely genius characters like Socialkenny? You should start doing podcasts and let him on for a minute or two each week.

    Anyway, this “cracka” had a good laugh.

      • I’ve only watched Howard Stern couple times…but is beetlejuice the black midget that they got to do porn?
        I can’t believe that at first I thought, “omg, I really shoulda just kept my mouth shut” but this was the most I’ve laughed in months.
        And I bet he was only hoping for trollin for his site. Sadly, the japanese visitors didn’t figure him out sooner.
        Ah, well, back to intelligent dialog tomorrow.
        Thanks Jessica!

  34. IN much of the U.S., before women had the vote, when there was a divorce the husband got the children, house, all his wife’s property, money, etc. She got the clothes on her back. By having the gov’t involved in marriage, and her voting rights finally in place, she could have “rights” in the midst of a divorce. I have always believed that the gov’t should never be involved in marriage. I have often wondered how women would fare, during a divorce without the state.

    • … and, the church would have to decide custody of the children, division of property etc? What if one spouse leaves the church and no longer recognizes its authority, finds a more favorable church, change faiths? If the gov’t is not involved in marriage/divorce how would that work? the homosexuals want marriage and divorce rights. If only the church performs marriage and divorces how would that work?

  35. It’s not about Gay Rights it’s about Special Rights it’s about I Want Attention Rights it’s about Sensitivity Rights and so on. All this created by the expanding “I want this, I think I should have that” generation. A mix of the last 3 generations of spoiled dysfunctional(basically what we call normal(which is special) people. Wow that’s ironic, Barry the Prez, is one of them. Only this could happen when the world is on the edge or just maybe that’s why it’s there

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  37. Great spiel Jessica! Couldn’t agree with you more! I wonder if it weren’t for the constant playing of the race cards,. would Farrakhan, Sharpton or Jackson have anything to do? It appears that if they aren’t playing cards in one game they are stacking the deck in some other game.

    Nothing like a quick call to the ACLU ( ANTI CHRISTIAN LAWYERS UNION) or even dropping a dime to their buddies at the NAACP (NEGROS AGAINST ALL CAUCASIAN PEOPLE). It amazes me or should I say I’m easily amused at the Liberals Mantra whereas they lift up and support each and every supposed underdog group just to garner a vote and financial support then turn right around and throw them under the Conservative Bus blaming those of us on the right for the incurred injuries.

    So glad to be connected. I would like to draw your attention to a cause that I support which is so very near and dear to my heart and that concerns the overly restrictive Rules of Engagement (ROE) that our Troops have been subjected to under the Obama administration. The amount of Troop deaths under Obama in Afghanistan have nearly tripled when compared to the death tolls of all of the years combined under the Bush administration.

    I am a co-page owner & administrator on a FaceBook page titled ROE-(Rules of Engagement) US Military. With an ever growing membership we are constantly looking for any outside assistance we can get from others who are willing to just take the time to learn what life threatening conditions this administration is purposefully putting our Troops in.

    Please visit our page and feel free to contact me.

    • @Craig…. very noble and worthy cause !
      Our fighting men and women can’t put up much of a fight with one arm tied behind their backs : (
      And to give the enemy the exact date of our troop withdrawal a year and a half in advance is either very stupid or very un-Patriotic, like so many other things yet to be determined…or understood…by this administration’s reign of ineptitude.

  38. I think your reasoning is somewhat flawed. There are two parts of marriage, the admin side and the religious side. The administration side doesn’t just deal with the tax code. It deals with the legal side of marriage like judiciary, insurance, banking and financial issues and taxes. Government shouldn’t care if it is two men, two women or one man and one woman. It should only care when two people join together to form one unit.

    Now the religious side only deals with religion and if a religion one day decides to recognize same sex religion then the gov’t is interfering with you practicing your religion and therefore is in violation of the constitution.

    The two parts of marriage is the civil union part which deals with the legal (admin) part of being married and the religious part. Everyone does the first part and not everyone does the second.

  39. Excellent, well-worded article. You nailed it – and quite elegantly. The one point I struggle with is the whole separation of church and state thing. First, that is not in the Constitution, but in a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote. Not that I agree or disagree with his text, but that there is one thing that I think needs to be further explored: man (genderless) governs by the very thing that governs his/her life. We are all raised (whether actively or passively) with our parents beliefs, morals, reasonings, etc. Unless there is some life-altering event or revelation, a person basically continues to propagate those principles in everything they do – including raising a family, running a business and governing people whether in business or politics.

    That beings said, I often evaluated my thinking on this looking at various nations and religions like Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Christians and even atheists. When you compare these governments and looks at the religious foundations from which their laws are derived, you can easily see that a society benefits or suffers based on thee adherence to those laws (religious foundational principles). Our nation was established on strong Judeo-Christian that, over time, have eroded to the point that we are now in a fight to hold on to the very principles that guided us to greatness. Out First Amendment was derived from strong Biblical principles. Outside of these principles, man tends to put man into bondage with laws that ultimately restrict his/her God-given freedoms AND responsibilities for self-governance (self-control) under His laws/principles.

    You are correct in saying that Christianity is under attack. I believe that is because it has been so strategically removed from our society that we can no longer sight it as the reason for our strength and use it as the foundation for continuing governance and protection of the welfare of all men equally. We tout freedom, but have removed the very thing that gives us those freedoms – God’s principles (laws) that both set us free and protect us from ourselves. Once removed, something else WILL takes it’s place. Will that be Sharia Law (Muslims), Atheism (man run amok – see the fall of the Roman empire), …? What will we choose – whether actively or passively?

    Just some thoughts. Thanks for your voice; it matters in this day an age.

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  41. You can certainly see your enthusiasm in the paintings you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart.

  42. I liked the rally too. Chk f lay supporters did everything within their right. As our Constitution permits: Two opposing view may walk the street.

  43. Very well said!! I am a Christian and Conservative with some Libertarian leanings. One is this issue of ‘Gay Marriage’.

    As quiet as it’s kept, we are dealing with a small percentage of the population. Secondly, we are dealing with symantics.

    It could be legislated to recognize ‘Civil Unions’. This isn’t what the Gay and Lesbian community wants. They want the word ‘marriage’. The accoustics give them the legitimacy they want/need. ‘Civil Unions’ would carry a distinction onto them that though they ‘could’ get all of the perceived legal recognition and benefits through legislation, the accoustics singles out their relationship in a distinct way, saying outright it is a ‘Same Sex’ agreement and union.

    Christianity has been under attack for decades. It is clear that the Founders considered Christian principles in constructing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The centerpiece being under a Creator. Even those who weren’t practicing Christians or didn’t believe at all, at the very least respected the fact that these proclaimations were somehow Devinely inspired.

    For the last 100 years, there have been those who question and challenge any Devine order and advanced the dismissal. ‘Get rid of God’ and the foundation of the Constitution with the creed of Government of the People, By the People and For the People falls apart and along with it the rule of laws outlined in the Constitution become unstable and left in the hands of an elitist and select group of people to reset the parameters. The State takes over the ‘role’ of God and the basis of our creed becomes redesigned in a micro-managed and selected group of people who would benefit based on it.

    The Same Sex issue is but one small step towards the dismantling of our structure of a representative system rooted in Freedom and Liberty…One Amendment at a time. We have been watching the corruption of the Checks and Balances system of the seperation of powers into a more ‘Stative’ entity. Both parties are in compliance. Both parties are gathering power to Washington. One is using a train, the other ‘Light Rail’, but in the end the same course.

    Time to put on the brakes.
    Just a thought…..

  44. You actually make it appear so easy along with your presentation however I to find this topic to be actually something which I think I would by no means understand. It kind of feels too complicated and extremely huge for me. I’m having a look ahead to your next submit, I will try to get the grasp of it!

  45. Well said and written you are right on point I am sorry I did not have the chance to read this earlier. A great read very refreshing thanks.

  46. Fantastic… Very good job of putting the focus in this issue where it belongs,(attack on our freedom), and off of the gay marriage facade!

  47. I am a liberal. And yes i think our government is big. Also people just can’t say what they want without someone scrutinizing it. But let me ask you this. What freedoms do you not have now that you had 4 years ago?

    • Cody Lighten up! You should see the disorder right in your post. As a liberal you want to speak your mind. Since it’s a short story, the scrutinizing begins and being a liberal explains why you have a defensive reaction, that’s all. So try and breathe the air. To be honest, this mental disorder you have will probably fall in the gray area of the wonderful national healthcare plan, thus long lines for treatment. Good luck and cheers

  48. I like what you said when you stated that the First Amendment is not up for debate. So, I’ll leave you and your readers with my latest blog entry – that is, if you are willing to post it and keep it posted.

    It think that I could categorize this as a libertarian viewpoint:

    Do American voters want to vote for a homosexual to be their president?


    • Nathan, is that picture of O kissing David Cameron real or photoshopped ? At any rate, I just threw up a little bit inside my mouth : /

      • Super –

        You should have stuck your finger down your mouth and got it all over with!

        As to your question: I certainly assume that the pic is genuine, as all those pics showing BO bowing to foreign dignitaries. If, for any reason this photo can be evidenced as false; I will remove it.

  49. Amen Jessica You say what a lot of us feel. Of we stand together we will save this once great country THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ( our UNITED STATES OF AMERICA)

  50. All this makes it even more discouraging to see that it has now come out thatChik-Fil-A has caved. I guess I can’t blame them. I know I’ll think twice about getting involved in a cause again.

  51. You have articulated the problems surrounding the issue of gay marriage in brilliantly engaging way. Sorry to see that you post was so extensively hijacked earlier, although I can’t quite shake the feeling that ‘socialkenny’ might just have the driest sense of humour the world has ever seen.

    I am quite confused by one aspect of your article. If I’m reading correctly, you believe that government has no place making laws in regard to marriage, as it contravenes the separation of church and state. If that is the case you should support efforts to reverse or nullify all legislation, both both state and federal, in regard to marriage. Thus, since you don’t believe the feds (or the state) has the right to make gay marriage illegal, you must agree that gay marriage should be legal.

    Of course, it would be totally and utterly wrong for any religious minister to be forced to carry out a marriage ceremony of any kind against their wishes, such ceremonies if they were to take place, could only take place if all parties were consenting.

    So the confusing part? That you and I have essentially the same opinion on this issue. I am one of those people who consider themselves to be ‘on the left’ (I try as much as possible to eschew labels). I think and hope that most reasonable thinking people would agree that the government should not be able to prevent people getting married using force (the law) nor should they wield this same power to enforce marriages.

    So my post will end with a plea,

    You’re obviously smart, why degrade yourself with partisan mudslinging? There are plenty on the left who agree with your position. To label all people on the left as baby human shield using, flag defecating, fence enchained free speech curtailers you are being divisive.

    And can’t we all just get along? (Oh boy, bow I do sound like a liberal)

  52. Insulting ??? Insulting is putting Anti-social Kenny the hood rat and I in the same sentence ! Maybe the bitches is lyin’ ? Who knows, who cares ? They enjoy reading the posts and comments on your page, nonetheless : )
    It’s all gud : )))

  53. Definitely believe that that you said. Your favorite reason appeared to be on the web the simplest factor to be mindful of.
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