One of the most visually stimulating concerts I’ve ever been to, and you can’t go wrong with The Wall. Waters has still got it.

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9 thoughts on “Roger Waters “The Wall Live”

  1. All political rock bands suck. Rock music is a way to chill and escape reality. When you cant understand the words of the song you get to put your own meaning to them.

  2. Poets like Roger are often great at articulating the craziness of the world, but not always so good at envisioning solutions. I agree with Roger on a lot o his anti-war sentiments and enjoy his biting cultural observations, especially on Amused to Death. Love your blog Jessica, it’s great to see another conservative libertarian voice on the net.

  3. Pink Floyd (The Machine) has had a large influence on my views of the world. Since 3rd grade I have had Piper, Dogs, The Wall and Final Cut rammed into my brain. Yet, what I have gotten out of all that is how collectivism is a failure. Only time society needs to be collective is when we are dependent on survival. As in a military unit.

    Sadly, an altruistic state leads us to this point of dependency and immoral activity.

  4. I’ve enjoyed Pink Floyd’s music for most of my life, but stopped actually caring what they had to say once Waters got on his anti-Thatcher/Reagan horse. The final cut for me was “When The Tigers Broke Free” (which I still think is a great song name, just wish it had been appended to a better song), specifically the final lyrics “And that’s how the High Command/Took my daddy from me.”

    I always feel like shouting back at the radio/cd player/mp3 player (it’s been a long time since that song was released) “No, Roger, that’s how the GERMANS took your daddy…” but then I remember that his father went from being a Communist and conscientious objector to apparently wildly changing his mind and volunteering for the Army and becoming an officer, so I’ve got no stones to throw at him, and I guess Waters is to be forgiven for his scars.

    Love the music, usually don’t love the lyrics.

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