As a creative person I find it very difficult to focus on many different things at once. I have many interests, and I want to do and accomplish just about everything, but I only have two real passions in life: politics and music.

As you can see, I have suffered a four-month-long writer’s block. I blame Bush.

But in all seriousness, ever since I moved to Washington, I have been consumed by politics 15 hours a day, and this blog quickly turned from something I enjoyed doing into something I had to do. And as any rebel would know, I don’t like being told what to do. So I haven’t done it. I’m hoping that through this medium I can merge my two passions, while still being relevant. I can analyze politics through music, whether it be present or past. I can have political posts and musical posts or a fusion of the two.

I realize that some people aren’t going to be happy with this, and maybe some references will get lost on the audience, but almost every song in rock history can be interpreted into some kind of political statement. I think there’s an untapped resource there that I intend the tap the hell out of.

I’m so unbelievably thankful I have people out there… patriots willing to be patient and follow me along this journey. I hope you’ll stick with me through this transition.

I know it’s the peak of the election season, but let’s have a little change of pace.


24 thoughts on “A little change of pace.

    • haha what’s going to be so fun about this is that about 95% of my favorite bands, neil young included, are libs so this gives me a chance to rip ’em apart without devaluing the music.

      • Tell me about it….. I’m a Southern fried Deadhead. I cried when they did a benefit tour for Obummer in 2008 : (
        I actually love Neil Young’s music and voice. Warren Haynes and Govnt Mule cover “Cortez the Killer” and “Down by the River”…so he can’t be all bad ; )
        He had to have a political platform, because he damn sure wasn’t gonna make a name for himself by his looks !

    • of course, as brain fried as Neil is, I doubt he remembers much of anything, even with Lynrd to remind him.
      BTW – did you know that Jessica also SINGS??? I ran across the blog from conservative links but then heard a few of her tunes on MySpace; she is awesome!

  1. sounds like it should be a gas gas gas. As my great uncle often said, don’t just think outside the box, BE the box and think outside of yourself. Of course, he had a drinking problem. So do what you do, as Harry Chain might advise, and keep us all updated, if you will.
    All the best-

  2. Sounds like a gas gas gas. Just do what you do, as Chapin would have said, and we’ll go along for the ride whilst covering your six. And you are right – too much politicals, straight up or on the rocks, will drive you into a depression and mess up any creative juices; I know this first hand.
    Just don’t forget to keep us updated.
    all the best –

  3. yeah, I did a bad thing, a duplicate post but I blame Bush. Actually, they are a pretty good group, so I don’t blame them, but I DO blame WordPress. Please feel free to use or delete any or all of these random dribbles of drivel. Sorry for the redundancy. And sorry for the redundancy.

  4. I would like to tell you a news story before it happens so you can watch it take place. One half of Jerusalem will fall to the King of the South (Iran) either by an agreement or force. The King of the North (Rev.17) will then reveal herself. Syria will no longer be under Irans influence (Assad will fall.) Germany and its ten nations (United States of Europe) will destroy Iran, Egypt and all Islamist with nuclear weapons.

  5. Blending political statements with music/poetry is an ancient way of critiqueing despotic political leaders. The use of inuendos and double entendres was the only means available to dissidents lest they lose their heads.

  6. Thoughtful Jessica. Glenn Beck touched this subject this morning, giving several examples I never really “listened” to. I actually took them to be opposite in position all these years. So many examples of people just liking a song without understanding the lyrics are out there.

  7. I for one would very much enjoy “Libertarian Ballads.” Actually, if you can take Milton Friedman’s “Free to Choose,” convert the text into lyrics, then set it to the sounds of Electric Light Orchestra, I will 1. Buy a copy immediately 2. Name my first-born child after you.

  8. Blogging’s tough when trying to keep it fresh (or are writing about something other than one’s dayum self). Sorry to see ya go. No Twitter either?
    Now I’m no Neil Young fan – gotta stick with Country Rock – ‘specially Florida & Georgia artists – lots of ’em but COUNTRY artists speak up about what they believe. Didja see that 71 year-old dude in Ocala shooting 2 armed robbers? The link is on my FB page.

    Good Luck, Jess.

  9. Hey Jessica, thanks for following me on Twitter. I’m actually kind of honored that a lovely young woman with a masters in poli-sci would give me a glance – I’m just a chubby hubby tech nerd with a flair for pointing out the ridiculous. My blog is over at salient digital. My latest post may inspire you. I don’t know what kind of music you like, but I’ve also got some electronica on iTunes: DJG Cosmic Expansion. I love the whole idea of analyzing politics through music, though, that’s money. It will be interesting to see what you come up with.

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