I realize I have failed in my duties to upkeep my blog, and for that I apologize. I have a new job and a new life very far from home and it has taken some adjusting. However, I have far from forgotten my mission to seek and speak the truth, and to keep anyone who will read or listen fast on the path of hope; not the kind of hope that has been promised from our rulers, but the kind that lies within each and every one of us. The kind of hope that seems to be renewed with every Christmas season.

But contrary to what our mothers told us growing up whenever we struck out in little league, we are not unique snowflakes. Some people win and some people lose. Some bully and some get bullied. We are not equal. Not everyone was built to win. Not everyone was prepared to fail.

It’s my common view that in today’s America, everyone is born with an equal playing field. Yes, it is harder for some to succeed than others because of environments they’re born into, but the opportunities are there for every American who is willing to work for it. I’m in favor of equal opportunity for every American, but it seems the running theme among my participation-trophy generation is that people are somehow deserving of equal outcomes. But the American Dream is not about equal outcomes. The American Dream is about pursuing the happiness that is always within reach; the grasp of that happiness, however, is up to the individual. It is not deserved simply by citizenship.

Humans are inherently unequal. Some people pick garbage and some run businesses. Some sleep in parks and riot in shopping malls. Some obey laws and love thy neighbor. We don’t deserve to drive a car merely by living. We don’t deserve a job, heat, education or fulfillment merely by breathing. Contrary to what our Messiah-in-Chief will have you believe, we are not entitled to weekly pizza nights. These are things that are deserved by the people who work for them — by the people who contribute to society; by the people who strive to be the best; by the people who make decisions and sacrifices every day to better themselves and better their lives.

These are tough times for every American, but now is not the time to ask our country what it can do for us. Now is the time to turn to ourselves and our God. Now is the time to turn to each other and our churches and the charity of men. The government is not our savior, and the government cannot reciprocate love.

Something I’ve noticed over the years is that the godless continue to look to the government for comfort and guidance. This, patriots, is fatal. The government is not your white horse. Rather, a relationship with the government is that of an abusive lover: a codependency of toxic proportions. It forces your trust, then takes and breaks. You run back for more… wanting… waiting for its affection like that of an abandoned child. But the love will never come. And you’ll be sucked dry, only for your ‘savior’ to move on to the next, unfazed.

Striving not to be a doomsayer in this holiday season, I’m certain we can get through this tempest together. Keep your minds and your hearts with God, yourselves, and each other. Be steadfast in your faith, and the rulers and tyrants of this nation will perish in irrelevance.

Have a Merry Christmas and God Bless.


20 thoughts on “Government is Not Our God (A Christmas Blessing)

  1. I agree with 99% of this.

    I think everyone has the potential to “win”. It all depends on what one’s definition is of winning. We all have different definitions of winning.

    The secret to win in life is to discover what you are good at, and enjoy, and turn that into a successful career. You have done this with your life, and I have with mine, but our paths have been different.

    If you are good at what you do and are happy with it, in my opinion, you are winning. That goes for more than ones career.

    • don’t be a 99 percenter, nestor. lol. but yes, that was implied in the post without me explicitly saying it. success is in the eye of the beholder. i wanted to say that explicitly, but it seemed cheesy and like it didn’t fit in the flow of where i wanted to go with the post. anyway, have a merry Christmas, Nestor!

      • You have a Merry Christmas too, Jessica! I hope we can get together for dinner when I am in DC in February. On the 6th, maybe?

    • True, that. Disconnected. Without a clue may be more accurate, even if still too delicately spoken. Everything BO has has been given to him on a silver platter, including the key to the Oval Office, and that taken illegally. Silver platter, silver tongue, silver lie, song unsung…

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  3. This was a moving read, there is a fundimental difference between the P.C. crowd and those of us who learned and were prepared for life outside our parents home.
    Some of us learned by scoring big and winning the game, some of us learned that there are times when you play dodge ball your going to be hit in the face. The P.C. crowd always sees life as an emotional battle and tries to level the field by taking away those things which do shape us later in life. My generation learned that sometimes you get knocked down or miss out on things of which you have no control. We learned that you can pick yourself up and move on. Tomorrow is always there along with our ability to sink or swim. That inner drive never truly develops in a level field, because someone is always stepping in to change the rules or tells little Johnny don’t worry I will fix that. Todays youth have great self esteem; but lack the tools they need for “real” success in the real world. Mankind would never have developed beyond the trees or caves if they sought everything on equal footing. The would have perished and become a blip on the history of this world. Survival of the fittest will always trump fairness.

    I am glad to see you have learned this lesson of life. The world isn’t fair or equal but we all have an equal chance to survive or fail. Mommy and Daddy will not be with them forever, and unfortunately many lack the survival skill they need by how they were taught.

    God Bless and a very Merry Christmas to you and a prosperous New Year.
    I love your writing it always stirs thought.


  4. Most excellent Jessica!

    Freedom is something you can only have when you give it to others. Governments are supposed to be instituted to protect the freedoms God gives us, not to become gods themselves.

    You make an interesting point about the godless. They all have the urge to follow a leader so they have someone to blame when things go wrong, someone to thank when things go right, someone to idolize their lives after, and someone to solve their personal problems.

    The God fearing have the same urges but instead of looking to mankind for a hero or role model, they look to God who never changes so they are never disappointed.

    May the Lord bless you this Christ-mass Season!

  5. Equality of opportunity is a way different concept than equality of outcome … people are complaining about symptoms of inequality in opportunity, like income disparity. Their goal should be laws and a justthat ensure a right to opportunity is not drowned out by larger, wealthier interests.

  6. “…codependency of toxic proportions” – love that! If I weren’t three times your age (and happily married) I’d be in love!

    I love THINKING, literate people!

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