Obama just loves to vilify the cigar-chomping, little-guy stomping rich. The liberals still dense enough to support him believe it, and more importantly (and more frighteningly), the Occupy Wall Street mob has decided to take action (albeit scattered and disoriented) against these “evil rich” phantoms.

But who are the “evil rich?”

“Millionaires and billionaires, billionaires and millionaires… oh, and that pesky plethora of corporate jet-owners.” But what Obama has outlined in his budget would increase taxes on individuals and families earning only a fraction of that amount. His taxes on the “rich” would hit individuals earning more than $200k/year and married couples earning more than $250k/year.

Let’s personalize this. My parents would fall into the “rich” category. My dad went to college, got good grades, got a job and climbed the corporate ladder, basically from the bottom. He was able to make enough to support my mom and me, pay off the house and cars, all while saving for retirement and a vacation here and there. He was able to do this while keeping a comfortable lifestyle, but truth be damned if you’ll see my mother carrying a purse costing more than 20 bucks, or my dad trading in his 10-year-old vehicle. Like I said, they live comfortably, but hardly the glitz and glamor, little dog-carrying and cognac-sipping extravagance that Obama would like you to believe. Also, like most families, mine has also taken a hit by the economy, forcing them to cut back on labor and completely pull out of the market. This is a very common reality among upper-middle class Americans. They spent and saved their money wisely like any NORMAL, RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE. But under Obama, they have gone from being considered the upper-middle class, to the “evil rich,” ruling class… the Bourgeoisie.

In the Occupy Wall Street mob, you see the modern-day “Proletariat.” The downtrodden, put-upon “lower” class, pissing and moaning about the “super rich” and capitalism, and tweeting about it on their iPhones and Macbooks, lapping up their lattes and holding up signs that are either vulgar or make absolutely no sense.

*WARNING: Language and images may be deemed inappropriate for, well… anyone.*

I find it absolutely INFURIATING that these twisted, classless ANIMALS are being compared to the Tea Party by the liberal media. I’ve been to Tea Parties in the past, and these people would be shunned, laughed at and/or ignored. The ONLY thing they have in common is their anger, but in no way should their direction of that anger or the makeup of the groups be compared. God help me if I ever felt it conducive to paint a sign advertising that I shaved my genitals. Unbelievable…

And shame on you if you’re naive enough to think this occupation will end peacefully. Individually, I think these people are harmless, but NEVER underestimate the power of mob mentality. Revolutionaries see history and recent events around the world, and they truly believe that the ONLY way to win a revolution is through violence. They’re on simmer right now, and as soon as Bloomberg decides enough is enough, it’s my prediction that we’re going to see some serious conflict.

But I don’t want to be a “fear monger” as many in the liberal media would have you believe people like me are. I digress. So, again, who are the evil rich?

According to the IRS, tax filers with $200,000 or more in Adjusted Gross Income, the “rich” in America made up about three percent of all tax filers in 2008. They earned 30 percent of all income and paid 52 percent of all income taxes, paying an average tax bill of $123,264. The average income tax bill for the handful of Americans who earned more than one million per year was a whopping $780,039.

On the other hand, individuals making less than $200,000 paid an average of $5,734 while those making less than $50,000 paid an average of $1,796.

A large percentage of the “rich” in America are also small business owners. According the Heritage Foundation, 65 percent of all married couples with incomes above $250,000 and 50 percent of all individuals with incomes above $200,000 report business income. In Obama’s words, these “small businesses are the heart of the American economy. They’re responsible for half of all private sector jobs—and they created roughly 70 percent of all new jobs in the past decade. So small businesses are not only job generators, they’re also at the heart of the American Dream.”

However, they’re the targets of Obama’s new taxes. Estimates from the Tax Foundation show that nearly 40 percent of the estimated tax revenue generated by raising the top two marginal tax rates will come from small business income.

See, liberals like Obama believe that government—which loses a trillion dollars a year—is smarter at spending money than you, and money is a heck of a lot easier to spend when it isn’t yours. Not only does the government not have the same incentive to grow your money, but they have unlimited access to additional funds through taxing you more and borrowing more from our besties in the East.

Now can you see why Obama has basically endorsed these lunatics on Wall Street? He needs them on his side. He needs them to deflect the failure of his economy and onto something else. The ONLY way Obama has a fighting chance at winning a second term is by deflection and distraction. He’s dangling something shiny in front of you while robbing you out of house and home… and the American Dream.


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  1. I’m kind of on the middle of all this. I don’t understand how one can write off everyone on Occupy… uh… something… as a bunch of people who just want your money. Granted, I have debated several of them who have goals of eliminating the entire system and replacing the system with one that is more advantageous to them. (Resource based system, $20/hr. minimum wages, total forgiveness of student loans… blech).

    However, I know many who were born poor who are out protesting right now who had gone through their lives getting good grades, sacrificing a social life so that they could eventually get the dream job they want, live comfortably, and get a leg up on others only to have the rug be pulled from under them because of the terrible economy. They wind up either unemployed, underemployed, or barely making enough of a living to pay off college debt and feed and clothe themselves. Meanwhile, those that had started in a better financial status as them but didn’t even have to work a fifth as hard as them are doing just fine either by virtue of their parents keeping on bailing them out, or because they had “connections”.

    Those people are protesting not against the system, but because they feel that they have done everything right that they possibly could and they still wound up a failure in life. If that had happened to me, I know how I would feel, that’s why in some ways, for those kids, I cannot blame them.

    • Trust me. I was lucky enough to only have to survive 2 months of unemployment after graduation before landing my dream job (which I start next week :). I completely understand their frustration. Pulling a quote from a previous article i wrote, titled “More Soma for the Masses: Obama’s Labor Day Speech”:

      “I was raised on the belief that we’re nothing without education. Everything in my childhood was in preparation for high school, everything in high school was in preparation for college, and everything in college was in preparation for the job market, which is now nonexistent. Now, I have a master’s degree and tons of journalism experience, yet I’m being told my only hope is if I’m employed by a government that I oppose and lay bricks for a living.”

      The truth is, these kids aren’t willing to move furniture in order to survive. I actually applied to a Starbucks down the street from me and a temp agency in my area before landing my job. Luckily, I have parents who were willing to support me for a couple more months while I looked for a better job. But the fact is i absolutely would have worked those crappy jobs if I had to. These kids have made it clear that they’re not willing to work minimum wage jobs. I can’t help but laugh, because these are kids who get their degrees in gender studies, English, anthropology… in order to use them toward… what profession exactly?

      It’s time to suck it up and get to work. These people are congregating on sidewalks and chanting and smoking dope, when they could be hitting the pavement and applying to jobs. No one can expect to get their “dream job” right out of college. I was one of the lucky ones. It’s a process. It takes starting at the bottom and working your way up to a less-than-sucky existence. It ain’t fair, but it’s life. Attempting to overthrow the entire capitalist establishment is a misdirection of anger, time and resources.

      • Oh no, a two month unemployment, how terrible. You don’t understand their frustration. Will we keep assuming there’s a difference between Liberal and Conservative lies? They all do, they are all bought by wall street. You and I don’t have skin in this game but we keep pretending we do with this left, right fantasy.
        Those that have, are taking from those that do not. Being a GOP servant won’t save you from the continued pillaging of America’s wealth and recourses by the top 1% nor will being a DNC member. You and I cannot debate with freedom when corporations are considered “people.” When the people with all the money write the tax code. Either we are on the same side or there won’t be a side, just the have mores versus the rest.

      • Blah, blah, blah, blah. Just another victim. Please, give me something I can use.

        You’re in my territory now. You will not mock me or people on my page, or I will start moderating you. I try to give everyone a say on here, but you just annoy me. Cut it out and get a job.

      • To Dennis…

        Any type of unemployment is tough, period, whether it’s 2 months or 20 years. Even I would know if you are unemployed that long, start freelancing. I was unemployed for almost a year and I did some freelance work during that time. I STILL do freelance work to this day. Programming is my life. I love it. It’s my job at work, it’s my hobby at home.

        I was arguing to Jessica that there are some people in OWS that have had a rough time and are letting out frustrations. I disagree with Jessica that most aren’t willing to do physical work. Some might be incapable. (Like me, but even I still applied for a 7-Eleven). But it is an option for others. There are others in OWS though that would have trouble getting jobs with bachelor’s degrees in a GOOD economy. Even during the go-go days of the early 2000’s people were saying if you’re going to take a liberal arts major, take a minor or second major on top of it to diversify!


        Would you mind if I wrote a full response to your post on my blog? I find the topic really intriguing and I am neither on the side of OWS or the Tea Party.

      • Absolutely. I encourage all debate on either side. The only time I’ve moderated is by scammers and people using inappropriate language. You have passed the test so I encourage you to add/contribute.

      • Hey great. I’ll probably write on my blog tomorrow. I already wasted my creativity tonight.

        And three majors and you still were unemployed? I had three majors and two minors myself. Tough market out there, huh?

  2. To all these small business owners who are about to get hurt by the “millionaires-surtax”:
    Just change your company into a c corp. Anyone who’s not filing seperatly, while making more than 100k, should be considered an idiot.

  3. We’re just seeing part of the Cloward–Piven strategy at work. Collapse the system. There’s no message to be heard from the occupy ‘crowd’ as evidenced by some of the vulgar signs. It just figures that Obama would be sympathetic to their ’cause’ – The longer they take up news space – the less focus will be dedicated on his failures, despicable intentions & scandals (pay to play – Fast & Furious – lavish vacations – etc). He can’t defend so the next step is to deflect as you point out rather astutely.

    From comments above: “Those that have, are taking from those that do not.” – I have to ask:
    Uh, what exactly can be ‘taken’ by the haves from those ‘have nots’? Wouldn’t that be like burglarizing homes in poorer neighborhoods? Doesn’t make sense & the observation probably comes from someone who has never actually written a check on April 15th.

    My youngest son was laid off from a $100k per year job. He’s not out “protesting” but the other day he WAS working for 12 bucks an hour scraping paint off of concrete walls in a basement & firing off resumes at night. His attitude is awesome. He’s said flat out that no one owes him anything (& he won’t take money from me). Fortunately – he had a great interview with some of my former co-workers last Friday & it looks very promising. (Good old Dad still has some great contacts – even from 1000 miles away.) Frankly, the kid makes me proud.

    As usual – a very good post, Jessica.

    • So there was no message from the teaparty except “get the black guy out” right. No one is complaining about working for a living at Occupy Wall Street. There protesting large banks and wall street being bailed out without returning the favor to main street. Anyone can find the message behind the protest, it is replete across the web, you have chosen to become blinded because you think it isn’t your fight. well, it is, we are all the 99%.

      • “Get the black guy out” – Hah! You need to do better than that to get me to waste my time debating. (FYI – I kinda like Herman Cain & (gasp) he’s black! I’ll offer a few brief points:

        If the OWS crowd isn’t “opposed” to working for a living (or looking for work) how do they have time to “occupy”? And if I have to “find the message”, as you suggest – the message can’t be too damn clear. It ain’t an Easter egg hunt.

        The Tea Party – agree or disagree – at least has a focus: Smaller Government – Controlled Spending – Lower Taxes. Pretty simple really & no mention of black or white – or “class distinction”. Amazingly easy to follow.

        Hell, that wasn’t even a challenge….. even with my eyes closed.

      • David, try to recognize the sarcasm. I am saying the Teaparty wasn’t completely about “get the black guy out” they had an anti expansive government message. But the main complaint was the media only picked up on the fringe bigots and anarchist’s. Now here we are again doing the same from the right.
        -Hypocrisy is a shame for either side.-
        The lower taxes message was lost when your cost of living is going up (Starting under Bush) and jobs are sent overseas by the “job creators.”
        the right always cries about higher taxes but have paid more to live in America for the last ten years. No one cries foul for lost wages and future growth of the middle class, just save the rich from a tax rate they paid just 11 years ago.

      • The Fleabagger’s haven’t a clue what they want, except for a free ride that is.

        It’s always nice seeing the American flag being ripped apart and by a dog no less at a so-called protest. These protest’s have no resemblance to Tea Party rallies at all and will be remembered as much as a fart in the wind come winter.

    • Congratulations, David. You managed to raise your son to actually HAVE a work ethic. That young man will go far in life. So many others are content to just cry and whine, doing nothing for themselves. The world is not a fair place to live in and we must all make our own opportunities. Anything that’s worth having is worth working for. Blaming your tools is the habit of a poor craftsman. The same goes for an education. Once achieving a college degree, many are working in totally different fields ten years after graduating. Take what work is available and learn from it. Do not feel ashamed for doing a good job at ANYTHING. These are things the schools aren’t teaching our kids. Resiliency and perseverance need to be pushed more.

  4. “David, try to recognize the sarcasm. I am saying the Teaparty wasn’t completely about “get the black guy out”

    Dennis – You exposed your skewed approach to the discussion from the start by linking the Tea Party & “the black guy”. Totally inappropriate as it assumes racism is at the root of the Tea Party agenda. On the other hand – the LOWS crowd (Loiterers On Wall Street) has been quite demonstrative with their anti-semitic rants. Enjoy your day.

    • Geez, its like talking to a sophomore in high school. You are exaggerating my context to make your point, assuming what you write is bent towards others reading this and not totally towards me.
      No one said “root of the Tea Party agenda” only you did. Nor was it in any way implied. The teaparty has bigotry, like every other group or gathering of any humans on this planet. Get over it.
      OWS is fighting for you whether you like it or not. The goal is to get money out of politics and take gambling out of banking. OWS isn’t going after a figure head like a president, the Teaparty got that one wrong. Congress holds the power, congress makes the law, congress goes to bed with lobbyist and wall street.
      No matter what party you belong to those with the money will continue to move jobs overseas, write the tax code to favor themselves and leave us to starve in a a nation that has spilled blood and gold to make it safe for these bastards to do business.
      No ideology, no matter how strongly you believe in it will keep us safe from the elite funneling money out of our great nation.
      So long as we maintain this left, right, you are wrong, I am right toxic conversations, we remain indentured to to this financial coupe.

      • God, I’m so SICK of hearing this victim card. wah wah wah woe is me. It’s called humbling yourself and WORKING for a living. And it’s like David said. I don’t need the OWS to fight for me, I’m doing plenty fine fighting for myself. I don’t need a buncha hippie, college, latte-lapping losers to “fight” for me by defecating on cop cars. Thanks, but no thanks.

      • Name calling, bigotry and lack of understanding. I was right, this is a high school web page. As per the right wing play card, you pull out the worst examples in a protest then admonish others for doing the same to the Teaparty.
        You guys are just stuck in the mud.
        You are part of the toxicity tearing this country apart.
        Enjoy Fox Noise and the fantasy land you live in.

      • Dennis…

        Try to understand that not everyone on OWS is a part of the 99%. There are plenty of people there who have every intention to use this as an opportunity to eliminate the capitalist system and replace it with a socialist utopia. The goal I have in mind is to try to show those who are simply frustrated that capitalism did NOT do this to them, the people did. The problem is, many in OWS and Occupy… whatever will not listen.

        It also does not help when many on OWS act like teenage kids at a frat party. I’ve made my own criticisms against Tea Partiers bullying around minorities in my own articles past, but OWS knows how to set a bar in crazy by defecating on police cars, and a genius in Atlanta trying to levitate a building. (I dunno if you can do links here, look it up.)

        I like the concept of OWS. I really do. But if they are to be taken seriously as a group they need to be better organized… and sway the message more towards populism and less towards socialism. In other words, those in the group that really do just want to work and have equal opportunity (And there are many there, believe me I know. Occupy Las Vegas, I know plenty.) need to get their populist message out and overshadow the socialist message that I seem to be getting. Because right now, the fringe left are the only organized ones there!

  5. “OWS is fighting for you whether you like it or not.”

    Based on what I’ve observed, OWS doesn’t have much of a battle plan & since they have Bawney Fwank in their corner …. well, suspicious ain’ it – Freddy, Fanny & Fwank. It’s still all part of the Cloward–Piven strategy & these folks apparently have nothing better to do than protest for handouts & act like barnyard animals … & THAT’s an insult to barnyard animals.

    No – THEY don’t need to fight for me. I do expect phase 2 will start soon – the rioting so it’ll be interesting to see how that’s spun by the leftist loons (media).

    Okay – I’ll get back to pillaging the ‘have nots’ now, maybe find a high school sophomore & steal his lunch money. It’s been fun but now I’m bored.

    All the best to you & yours. Dave

  6. Oh well, guess Dennis is a bit miffed ’cause we don’t wanna be part of whatever 99% he belongs ‘with’ (as opposed to ‘to’). Poor fella had a little trouble staying focused & on topic. This is a common lib trait which tends to take the fun outta the “debate”. And when a lib throws Fox News (or Bush) out there, that tends to be the common signal that they’re done “debating”.

      • Dennis, if you are going to quote a verse from the Bible, quote it correctly. There are many versions of the Bible but the general version of the quote is “You cannot serve both God and money.” NLT The meaning is that the love of money or power competes with the love of God.

        This is an example of why the 10th Commandment is so important, yet not followed by the leftists. Class warfare is a constant that I see from those who think they have been “pillaged of America’s wealth and recourses by the top 1%”. The TEA party stands for people who have worked hard and actually earned and provided for their families. Those that invent new things or new services and are able to provide those to their fellow humans to improve their lives, eventually getting rich for doing so.

        Having jealousy and envy for those who have become well off will do nothing but increase the anger you have against them and anger of you not having the power you perceive that they have. You will be happier like Jessica is if you turn that envy into admiration of their success and try to become successful in enriching your fellow humans.

      • Yeesh, this is like listening to my father bitch for years about the same sad, ego driven complaints. “Those welfare people are ripping us off”, “people want shit for free.” Sad, un-Christian bullshit.

        “The meaning is that the love of money or power competes with the love of God.” Duh. How much of God do you think wall street has? Oh thats right, you know more about God than me because I am a “Lefty.” How Christian of you to dismiss others as less than Godly. Please reread your own Bible, you are missing the point, neighbor.

        “Having jealousy and envy for those who have become well off …” Again, the Teaparty was benevolent, OWS are hippies who want a free ride. How can you believe your own fantasy about other human beings? How can you dismiss those because they don’t fall in lock step with your ideals?

        If only one party had all the solutions, this would be China.
        Our last shining example of conservative values was from 1998 when the GOP (NeoCons) took power through 2006 when power changed hands again.
        8yrs to make a difference, 8 years to make law, to make jobs, to prevent war, to prevent 9/11, to show America what the right was made of.

        Hell, in less than two years Fox Noise was telling the world that this was Obama’s economy. They repeated it everyday for a month.

        -You somehow came to believe that one man could do what the entire Grand Old Party could not in 8.-

        Be aware, that if welfare wasn’t available to those that have less two things would become true: 1 This country would become like third world nation. 2 Those that have less would work much harder to break into your house to get what they need.

        And if you think Jesus and his disciples wouldn’t pool their tithing together to feed hungry people, stop proclaiming to know Jesus.

      • Those people maybe represent 8-9 percent. They are definitely a fringe group of people feeling victimized. They mostly vote liberal or don’t vote at all. If you have followed them then you know you don’t want to support them. They are focused on the people who make the laws (Washington) rather than the one who bends the law (wall street). They in fact are law breakers so really should we listen to OWS?

  7. I love it when Liberals try to go the religious route. Go read it again or maybe for the first time Dennis. It has nothing to do with wanting the wealth produced by others. It’s talking about personal anxiety regarding your needs and relying on God to meet them. It’s talking about your priorities. It doesn’t say go stand in the way of productive people and demand they give you money because you want it. You’re not even close Dennis, but since you brought up the subject why don’t you take a look at some of the rest of the book. You might learn that Jesus said to help others with your OWN wealth. That means the individual should PERSONALLY be helping others with his own money. He never said TAKE your neighbors money and use it to pay off your school loans. He never said take your neighbors money and give it to the “poor” fat guy standing in the welfare line wearing $100 designer jeans talking on his cell phone to the Best Buy delivery man about his new flat screen TV while sipping a $5 cup of Starbucks coffee. He said serve God and help others with your OWN wealth. “…with the 99%” Try again… I truly don’t understand why Liberals try to quote something they rarely profess to believe.

  8. @ Dennis

    “Be aware, that if welfare wasn’t available to those that have less two things would become true:
    1 This country would become like third world nation.

    2 Those that have less would work much harder to break into your house to get what they need.”

    1. It seems headed that way already – AND that’s what WE’RE trying to prevent
    2. Do you really believe this? This (in your mind?) excused B&E replacing hard work to get out of a difficult “situation”? So the haves should be scared now of the have nots? Ever hear of the 2nd ammendment or concealed carry? B&E meets S&W? I think YOUR far left presumptions are again exposing you for the biased entitlement freak that you really are.

    Wayne & Mike you handled the rather lame attempt at the use of scripture with great skill. Awesome job guys.

    • Ah yes, the name calling. Doesn’t take long with this crowd. Again, I own a gun, I believe in the death penalty, I wrote in Ron Paul during 2006 Primaries.
      Anyone that disagrees with you in a pinko lefty, right McCarthy?
      Them against us, right Christian?

      It isn’t that I sanctify B&E just because someone is poor, this is just basic human nature and history. You fantasize about blowing someone away, like Jesus would do, but that also isn’t how the world works.

      When you have excessive poverty, you have excessive crime.
      Welfare doesn’t just keep the weaker parts of society from your doorstep it also keeps babies from starving. Like WIC.

      And thanks to the “job creators” sending jobs overseas, there is a lot more starving babies in the world. But Jesus wouldn’t want you to be concerned about that, you keep focusing on people ripping off the system while you collect social security checks and call everyone else a socialist.

      • You have a very juvenile view of the world, Dennis. You blame corporations for sending jobs overseas, which none of us are fond of, yet your fail to ask WHY they’re taking such measures.

        I had a feeling you were a Ron Paul loon since the beginning, but I didn’t want to be presumptuous by saying so. I like Ron Paul, but his supporters PISS ME OF. I think you are all very naive as to how the world works.

        And yeah, conservative Christians just LOVE watching babies starve. Gimme a break. Fat babies are much tastier.

      • There is another option if you cannot find a job, Dennis. It’s entrepreneurship.

        I know it would be very difficult to start one, but something is better than nothing. In this case, I would follow a passion, rather than just pick a major in college. For me, that passion is computer programming. I love to code. Coding is my life. I plan someday to be the best in the world at it and make everyone know it. I started an entrepreneurship that I’m STILL doing on the side as a freelance while I’m at my current job.

      • Thank you for inducing some sanity and balance into this one sided debate. Three years of unemployment has had its toll on me and those at OWS. I do see the idiots defecating on cop cars, well only one picture has emerged but held trophy high for those apposed to civil protest and looking for failure.
        OWS has some incredible organization. I am fascinated by how they communicate with speakers by echoing the current speaker. And impressed that they are with out a head or specific leader. As for goals they are clearly stated on the website http://occupywallst.org
        I have delved into entrepreneurship to keep myself afloat. I am an artist, I create logos and web pages. But my competition is vast, cheap and faster.
        Lost count of how many times I have put forth a resume in 3 years, 200+ by my estimation.
        One of the frustration we all share in what Wall Street did to our 401K’s. I f I hadn’t pulled my completely out after being laid of from the mortgage company I worked for, I would have received nothing.

        Every protest will have its fringe extremist. That’s why they burn out. Those signs making Obama look like an African chief wasn’t the Teaparty message. But that’s what became viral on the news and the web.

        The main crux of the protest from OWS is that Large corporations write tax code, create loopholes and have the power to crush entire societies like what happened from 2002-2008. The world went into default and people are still suffering.

        This isn’t a “give me mine” revolt, OWS is a return the balance revolution.

      • Dennis, you can’t blame Wall Street because you made a bad investment. You’re implying that Wall Street basically stole people’s 401(k)s, which is ridiculous. Don’t make risky investments, and you won’t incur risk. That’s your responsibility, not Wall Street’s.

        Return what balance? If you wanted to blame Wall Street for your situation, you’d be doing just fine right now. Dow’s back up and Wall Street’s doing fine.

        And 200 resumes in 3 years?? No wonder you don’t have a job.

        99%? Try 99-weekers receiving unemployment.

      • Jessica, you have no reason for you to speak at me that tone. I have presented my argument without cursing from my point of view. If you cannot tolerate people disagreeing with you, you shouldn’t have an open forum web page.

        I don’t blame wall street nor will I put them on some pillar of benevolence. They trade in the dark without disclosure. These traders and commodity brokers ruined an entire economic system, -throughout the world-. Unchecked and apathetic to anyones plight but their own and will do so again. The Fed is filled with bankers and ex-traders sending money back to the market to buy bad assets that we will be on the hook for.

        “And 200 resumes in 3 years?? No wonder you don’t have a job.”
        How old are you? seriously. What does the amount have to do with the denials?
        California unemployment is the second highest in the nation at 12%. This isn’t a walk in the park. I am currently employed starting today actually, it’s seasonal but I never stopped trying.

        No one is asking for a handout, because we can see 2 miles down the road and the repeated calamity befalling us again and again.
        People with large amounts of power and money cannot self regulate.
        Ask Gen. Patton.

        We’re -not- making everyone with money the villain, we’re fighting for our grandchildren. You have to understand that greed has no end, it is never satiated. The checks and balances in this nation have been uprooted and we are loosing ground. When I was growing up I never gave a second thought to finding a job.
        Now getting out of poverty or pulling yourself up by your own boot straps is so far out of reach for millions of Americans, they may never find hope.

        OWS is about bringing back jobs and dignity to this nation, not waiting to just be trickled down on.

      • Lol speak at you with that tone? You mean write to you with that… syntax? What are we, five? Did I hurt your feelings? Am I cyber-bullying you? I’ve racked my brain, struggling to compute how you could possibly think I’m “speaking” to you inappropriately and CURSING lol. P.S. I couldn’t care less if you curse at me. Go ahead. Curse away, friend. WE’ll have a cursing party.

        Don’t be confused. This is NOT an open forum. I’ve had to approve of you to post anything since the beginning. I’ve also had the option of editing your posts to make you look like a complete idiot, but I do have some respect. You’re welcome.

        BTW, I’m 25, I was unemployed for 2 months, and I sent out well over 200 resumes and cover letters. BOOM. dream job. google it.

        I’m tired of going around in circles. This will be my last comment. As you can see from the content of this one, I’ve given up. Debating with you on things that should come as common sense is not doing me any good. Have fun playing in a pile of garbage and excrement with your OWS buddies.

    • From what I’m seeing, Schiff is dead on.

      First off capitalism is the solution. It’s the economic system with the most safeguards from tyranny because you have many hands battling for a piece of the pie. The reason capitalism is NOT working right now is due to international competition, and a combination of government regulation AND deregulation, both in all the wrong places, allowing fewer hands to grab pieces of the pie. Socialism and communism have less hands battling for that piece of the pie. Infact, communism has none. All it takes in a communist society is one dum-dum with a Type A Personality, strong charisma, and already holds leadership to decide to want more and it will be given unto him.

      Second, he’s right. All people are greedy. If the extreme fringes of OWS get their way, you don’t think in a “resource-based” society, they will do whatever it takes to take advantage of the unstable situation and use it to their own gains, Dennis? That’s the argument I’m trying to make. You can be fair all you want, but Wall Street can be replaced with anything. They can, and in a different society, they will.

      There are a few things I am against him on.

      I disagree with him on college tuition. It might have contributed to a small portion of the increases, but colleges and universities would still be able to price tuition anyway they wish, especially with the extreme hype colleges were getting from heads of government that going to college is the only path to a decent job.

      I also disagree on trying to get the protestors to complain in Washington. Even if you have a few good points why they should, the people who say it are generally of one ideology. There would be more influence to do such a thing if, say, Obama is replaced with a Republican President and said people still say the same thing.

      The guy at the seven-minute mark makes poor arguments to the question why don’t the Walmart worker just quit. He should have said because all the other competition are paying just as little money for the same job, so what would it matter? His rapist/rape comment is lowbrow and used solely for shock value, and gives no real point.

      Actually, a lot of the people on OWS could use a class in economics then they would have stronger points. I’m sorry. But this is why I can’t side with the Occupiers fully. Throw a statistic and suddenly you’re an expert with these guys.

      • I love this.

        But I’d HAVE to disagree with you about the “animals” comment lol. Have you read what the Health Department has found at these parks. I dare you to look it up… yeah… ANIMALS.

      • @Harpuia, thank you for replying without the need to degrade me even if we do not agree.

        One of the things that becomes clear in that video is that there are some libertarian ideologues rambling off non sequitur arguments. It’s a bloggers economics concepts smörgåsbord.

        What I do see coming from OWS is in gathering smart people among the less educated, there will be a wider concept of the benefits of capitalism.
        Again, this isn’t about the “Evil Rich”, htis is about there ability to control the monetary system through the Fed and law makers on capitol hill.

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  11. Lol there’s a reason why America is falling, and it’s because of idiotic blogs like this. Just another Tea Partier who blames the wrong fools, and supports the ones who caused the problems. Occupy Wall Street has over 2,000 encampments and has held well over 4,000 direct actions worldwide. Over 300 economists have written letters of support, Bank Transfer day transferred Billions in funds to local credit unions (how you could possibly twist this to be a bad thing is beyond my comprehension), and the Robin Hood tax proposal would serve to supply for every human need. Tea Party is a dead dinosaur of a movement, if you can even call it that. The signs don’t make sense to people who don’t know economics, or anything about the way society works. Your defence of capitalism is laughable, your view of human nature astonishingly brutal and misguided. Perhaps try and use evidence when you write blogs, it is then when you will see that your claims are unwarranted and quite frankly, stupid. Ron Pauls original Tea Party had merit. Your movement? Psh… You’re a follower in a crowd of republican brainwashed and funded clowns. Tea Party sold out to republican interests, that’s fact. “Your people?” Give me a break… You’re a human being, just like me. The difference is you serve to be a sheep and defend the rich while they destroy the entire fabric of society. Knowing this will get deleted, I wish you a happier life, and I hope you take up some actual academic courses and get a glimpse of what academia is all about. Clearly, you have zero respect for anyone but yourself, the rich, and the tea party and it’s funding. Occupy will street will live on, just like the tea party didn’t. Get a fucking brain, and go down there yourself to actually speak, instead of mindlessly observing and judging. You will wake up to the truth, we’ll just see how long you choose to be stubbornly stupid before you realize that almost everything you preach is all that caused wrong in society….

    • Shelby, “), and the Robin Hood tax proposal would serve to supply for every human need…”

      Explain to me, if you can, what “every human need” is, and why you cannot provide that for yourself?

      Why do you think that the government needs to be your mommy and daddy?

      • I REALLY need a new pair of Nikes… like, my pursuit of happiness depends on it. Oh, and chocolate cake, and a new sweater for my cat.

        you know my life would be a lot better if I had a dishwasher that actually works, so put me down for one of them, too.

        and a pony that doesn’t eat or shit.

  12. “Lol there’s a reason why America is falling, and it’s because of idiotic blogs like this.”

    Damn, Jessica it’s all because of blogs like this.

    “…. the Robin Hood tax proposal would serve to supply for every human need.” Sure. Get that tidbit from ‘academia”? Here’s a clue – take away the motivation of self-starters, business owners, those that succeed & create jobs & do you think those expecting the handouts will step up to fill that void? More likely, once their ‘source’ of supply of their ‘human need’ dries up, they’ll be in even worse shape & THEN who do they reach out to with palm lifted? Generally speaking, American Capitalists tend to be very generous – philanthropic people. Can’t speak for the ones in your part of the world – assuming there are any Capitalists remaining after the Socialist drain begun years earlier.

    So, Shelby – how IS your European Socialist/Marxist Utopia working out? Yeah, that entitlement mentality is great. Blame everyone else for what’s wrong, spew some vulgar nonsense, (nice – “get a ****ing brain” comment – it speaks volumes), & target those that have the ambition, drive, & ability to succeed personally, professionally & economically. Capitalism is evil to you because you can’t compete. I wonder, given a snowball’s chance at success (& with it the money) – would you walk away from it, content to live in a cramped, dank environment embracing your self pity as a type of martyrdom? Forget Republican, Tea Party & OWS – it’s about individualism, determination, effort & reward. Personally speaking – I don’t want to work hard in order to pay the expenses for your version of academia, or to cover the rent on your dilapidated apartment, or pick up the tab for your internet service or anxiety meds.

    “The signs don’t make sense to people who don’t know economics, or anything about the way society works.” Maybe you could take the time to interpret the meaning of the signs pictured in this post. I assume you took a special class that somehow makes this possible. And you should read Robin Hood. The rich from whom he stole were the taxing authorities hellbent on keeping the poor in a subservient government-reliant position. And that’s the direction we’re headed.

    • Exactly, David, which is why I didn’t even hesitate to post her comment. Her vulgarities and unfounded rantings speak volumes of the diseased, partcipation-trophy generation. I love how she attacks me for not giving evidence (which, she obviously is incapable of reading, because I used plenty of evidence, including evidence released from her beloved government) with a vapid rant without ANY evidence of, well, anything. I mean give me something I can use. Apparently, the first amendment a.k.a. this blog and the only way “idiots” like me get the chance to speak is what’s wrong with this country.

      Hey, Shelby, I hear N. Korea is lovely this time of year.

      • Yeah, Jess & with the dog eater dead, there’s a job vacancy to fill. Hear they’re not very good over there in NK at filling “every human need”. I understand it’s the 1% that actually get to eat.

  13. Your post is mislabeled. You never identified the ‘evil’ rich.
    The evil rich are the ones that Jack Abramoff refers to that are making policy with money to strictly benefit an elite group (rich, but not necessarily THEE rich).
    The threat that OWS is rallying against is the threat of loosing true democracy to oligarchy, something that I think republicans can relate to (loosing true democracy to a government that is too big and powerful).

    1. I don’t think anyone is calling your parents evil simply for being successful. Today the ‘self made man’ is the exception not the rule.
    2. OWS is a complicated phenomenon, it is divide by ‘new utopian’ anarchists and liberal reformers. Calling them a lazy/entitlement mob is generalized hate speech.
    3. The similarities between TP and OWS are there, you are just focusing on the differences. OWS may indulge in crass humor but that is no cause to demonize them. Generally the lower class have low class humor that makes the upper class blush/faint/hide their daughters. Humor in a public forum has nothing to do with the validation of policy positions.
    4. Generally, OWS does not support Obama (they feel betrayed by Obama), they support a Republican named Buddy Roemer.

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