In my last article titled “The Boy Who Cried ‘Race,’” I said that if Obama supported conservative and libertarian ideals, I would have voted for him in a heartbeat. Race didn’t matter then, and it doesn’t matter now. Ideology, however, is key.

Ideology is paramount, because it’s what drives policy. Obama believes the government is the solution, so his policy reflects that ideology. I, and most Americans, believe that the people are the solution. We believe we should be given the freedom necessary to take care of ourselves.

After volunteering at CPAC in Orlando last week, I was rudely awakened. Prior to the event, I was guilty of saying “vote safe” and “make your vote count,” and sadly, that view was shared by most people and fellow volunteers I interacted with. Among all of the trends and topics shared over those three days with other CPAC attendees, one word jumped out the most: electability. Herman Cain has long been a favorite of mine, but every time I mentioned him to one of my conservative counterparts, I was met with, “Yeah I really like him, he just isn’t electable.”

But my question is, since when does electability make someone electable?

This obsession with electability is exactly what gets us nominees like John McCain, and we all saw how well that went. Romney is another John McCain, and Perry isn’t much better. Don’t let Perry’s faith fool you into thinking he’s a true conservative… he’s not. Romney and Perry, two middle-of-the-road, establishment Republicans, were chosen by the liberal media a long time ago. Why do you think just about every debate, news article, television interview we’ve seen thus far has pitted those two against each other? Who makes those decisions? The media. And so, more air time results in better name recognition, which results in higher poll ratings. People see higher ratings on a poll, which results in better name recognition, which results in more air time. And so the dance continues.

You’re not being informed, you’re being manipulated.

But the truth is, the American public doesn’t want a moderate. People don’t want another restrained, robotic, good-looking, smooth-talker. We got that with slick-rick Obama. America is in desperate need of a tried and true conservative. Someone with pride. Someone with passion. Someone with faith and humility. Someone who loves this country and has the fire in his belly to save it. But we have to stand together. We have to stand for America. The media are not going to hand over our real candidate without a fight.

Electable (i-lek’te-bul)


  1. Someone strong enough to win the GOP nomination, but weak enough to lose against Obama: Mitt Romney is electable.

10 thoughts on “Electability: Media-Speak for “Loser”

  1. Great article Jessica. With your permission, I will probably borrow this phrase from you; “You’re not being informed, you’re being manipulated.” I liked Cain the first time I heard him speak.

  2. “This obsession with electability is exactly what gets us nominees like John McCain, and we all saw how well that went.” (Had to drag that memory up din’ya)

    You’re absolutely right on this. I like Mr Cain, have since the start. Perry & Romney are RINOs & if either of them get the nomination – we’ll see 4 more years of you-know-who. I don’t want to have to hold my nose again when I vote.

    Good post – D

  3. Great article Jessica. I could not look my children in the eye ever again if I voted for either Romney, Perry OR Obama. I am done with slick, hypocritical “politicians”.

    Obama and Romney aren’t far enough apart on the issues. One equals the other, in my opinion. As for Perry, his hands are dirty. I don’t know how he could call anyone else a “crony-capitalist” with a straight face. Or preach small government. Or..well I will provide some links so I don’t end up hijacking all of your message space: http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1927855,00.htm
    http://www.americaforpurchase.com/republicans/governor-rick-perry-must-go/ ,
    http://www.naturalnews.com/033410_Rick_Perry_Big_Pharma.htm , l ,
    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/25/rick-perry-texas-life-insurance-scheme_n_935666.html (There are many, many, many more articles on the web that show Rick Perry to be a hypocrite and worse. Google Rick Perry and any of the above topics. It is like he wasn’t vetted at all.)

    When you pick the least “evil”, you still end up with “evil”. I agree that Herman Cain would be a good choice. The “snake oil salesman” qualities that make Obama, Romney and Perry so desirable to the mainstream media is everything I DON’T want in our next president.

  4. Good post, Jessica.

    MLK has the quote on race:, It’s not the color of the skin but rather the content of the character, is close, and you know the one.

    There are more and more of us reaching the same conclusion and the best part is, we’re from all over the country.

    If you haven’t seen it my http://nebraskaenergyobserver.wordpress.com/2011/10/05/think-for-yourself-997/ parallels your thinking. I think you’ll like it.

    Thanks for the Twitter follow, too

  5. Hey, I have a new favorite blog! Nice article. My buddy and I were first mesmerized by Herman Cain at RightOnline. We left his speech mumbling, “Wow” to ourselves. But then we came down to earth and realized that he, like Bachmann, hadn’t been tested by the liberal media that would certainly bait him into gaffes (as we saw last weekend).

    Quick quiz: who was the last president elected who didn’t have “Senator,” “Governor,” “VP” “Congressman,” “Cabinet Member” or “General” on his resume? Answer: no one. Never happened. That’s the lead in to our latest article on the Herminator. http://bit.ly/p6fpIk But, we think he has a real chance.

    The other day I heard his story about drinking from the “whites only” fountain, and I reflected to myself: imagine this man who grew up with “whites only” fountains and later in life was stricken with cancer, and yet he doesn’t seem to have a bitter bone in his body. You have to respect character like that.

  6. Excellent article. You succinctly summed up my feelings, except for one small item.

    “Romney is another John McCain, and Perry is much worse.”

    There, that’s better. Perry is a fraud, this coming from a native Texan, too.

  7. You ask for a “tried and true conservative,” so who qualifies? You’ve described Romney and Perry as phony, and I’ll assume you don’t like Huntsman. That renders you with a decision between Bachmann, Cain, Gingrich, Paul, and Santorum. Bachmann isn’t tried, as she has only been been in office since 2007, and Cain certainly isn’t tried – he has never held public office, and you can’t truly know how he’ll vote on issues. Gingrich doesn’t seem committed to his campaign, so that leaves Paul and Santorum, neither of whom is electable because the issues they are most known for are issues on which the American populace fundamentally disagrees with them. So again I ask, if not Romney and Perry, who is “tried and true” enough to qualify?

  8. Well said. It’s sad how many weak and “safe” candidates are put out there in the name of “electability”. Those of us with strong consistent convictions need to fight for the strong candidates like Cain who are truly conservative. I’ve known several libertarians who complained they’re tired of being told they’re “throwing their vote away when they vote for a Libertarian candidate”. Well, I propose that conservatives are “throwing away their vote” when they’ll settle for anything less than the real thing.

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