I was not directly affected by the September 11 tragedies. I didn’t have a loved one in those buildings, the planes, the firehouses… I didn’t even know anyone living in New York or D.C. at the time. Yet, as the years go by, I find it increasingly difficult to harden myself to the reality of what happened that day. It seems like every year when 9/11 comes around I find myself even more deeply affected and disturbed from the weight of it all. September 11 means much more to me today than it did ten years ago. I didn’t even cry on that day (granted, I was only 15 and boys and lipstick were the biggest things on my mind), but now I can’t even think about it without breaking down.

Yesterday, I embarked on my routine of nail-painting and romance-comedy watching, a.k.a. denial and avoidance, that I normally use to drown out any reminders of that day. But an interesting thought came to me. I began to wonder where America’s turning point was. When, precisely, did we begin to make that mad dash toward the edge of the ledge?

It began on September 11, 2001.

I’m not going to go over ten years of history and look at every single event that has lead to our speedy destruction. I think the truth is self-evident. But I do speculate at what the real war consisted of. This isn’t a global war purely about death and destruction. This is psychological warfare unlike anything we’ve seen. Fear, political correctness, blame and denial are the bombs and gunfire that are destroying this nation.

It’s hard to imagine the mind of an Al-Qaeda terrorist. It’s hard to understand a mindset… a pathology where freedom and liberation are perceived enemies. But the objective was not to destroy a few buildings. The objective was not to kill a few thousand Americans. No. That’s just a bonus in the mind of a jihadist. The objective was to destroy our spirit. The objective was to turn us into feeble sycophants who kowtow and convert to Islam like it’s the new Helter Skelter. The objective was for us to turn on each other. The objective was for America to go to war with America.

Defeat is not in my nature, but this has become an ominous truth that I’ve been finding very hard to ignore with every passing year. We may have won the battle in Iraq, but the horrifying truth is Al-Qaeda has won the war.

It took us ten years to even begin rebuilding those towers. Ten years. For most of those ten years, it’s been nothing but a pile of rubble.

Yes. The enemy won.


8 thoughts on “America vs. America

  1. You’re right, the country is at a tipping point and the battle could be lost, but you’re wrong when you give Al-Qaida credit for it. I recognized this fight in the early eighties; I was a young Liberal then. Reagan changed my heart and that’s where the battle is today. There is some overlap but for the most part, based on years of observation and discussion I’ve found that it is not possible to reason with the vocal elements of the Liberal point of view. They truly hate those who disagree with them and they were that way long before 9/11 and Al-Qaida.

    They have raised the volume and rhetoric to unseen levels because they’ve lost control of the information flow. The one sided 8 years long drumbeat against Bush would not be possible today because anybody can view unedited and undistorted first person accounts of almost any news event. Nearly anyone can look at a primary source document or an original government report with very little effort. Media and particularly the view point from which news was presented in this country were largely controlled by Liberals for decades and were mostly unquestioned. The anger appears greater because there are more voices being heard.

    Al-Qaida will never destroy America but they were a useful tool for a few years in the hands of liberal journalists.

    I still wonder if the media Liberals or Harry “this war is lost” Reid feel any remorse for encouraging our enemies by over emphasizing bad news and disregarding good news in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars while Bush was the president. How many soldiers died at the hand of a terrorist emboldened by the words of a Democrat hell bent on defeating Bush in the next election?

    Again, you’re right about the war but I think you’re wrong to see Al-Qaida as anything more than a useful liberal weapon in a battle that probably started in the sixties.

    • Sure. I don’t blame Al-Qaeda for destroying us, I blame us for giving it the power to do so. It’s exactly what Al-Qaeda wanted. I’m currently working on another piece that focuses on the media. At first this post and the media post were one, because they’re so closely related, but it was way too long for a blog post so I decided to separate them. It’ll be up in a day or two. The media are ultimately what’s destroying us. Having been someone in journalism for 6 years now, I understand the weight and power it can have. An abuse of power, if you will, and I blame it for just about everything that’s wrong with our country today.

  2. I don’t give Al-Qaeda too much credit – Paul Krugman of the NYT is a tad more dangerous, & he’s a lightweight threat compared to the “Apologist-In-Chief” & his thug handlers. Secondly – I don’t accept that we’ve lost – In trouble? Yes. Honestly, if you study US history from the early 20th century to present day, you can follow the “progression” of the warped ideology that is bringing about the destruction of our country from within. The media & education system have been the weapons of choice, with help from social ‘welfare’ programs designed to corral folks into compliant groups habitually depending on the gov’t to meet their needs.

    You’ve inspired me to return to blogging about politics – though I’m sure my book sales wlll take a hit. (Writers are supposed to be libs – right?) Oh well.

    Good post.

    • this seems to be a common misunderstanding of the purpose of my post, from you and a few of my twitter followers. I’m not giving credit to the jihadists for bringing us down. I am, however, blaming America for allowing for this to pan out the way it has over the past decade. coming from someone who has grown up in this era, it’s all i’ve seen and it’s all i’ve known. the disintegration of our country is our own fault, by allowing fear, political correctness, blame and denial replace our American tenacity. the terrorists are a lot smarter and diabolical than we give them credit for. we call them barbarians, savages, etc. which isn’t untrue per se, but they are also very clever. unlike us, they don’t value human life, including their own. it isn’t about the numbers, though killing a bunch of westerners may be a bonus for them. al-qaeda’s numbers and power since we started taking them out is completely irrelevant. they’re now leaving it to America to finish us off. it’s my theory that they understand America well and they knew how it would pan out. our hegemony is teetering on the brink of collapse, and it’s my belief that their plan has unraveled exactly as planned. just look who we’ve elected to sit in the white house??? we’ve destroyed ourselves. i’m not saying it isn’t salvageable. people are indeed beginning to wake up and get loud, but 9/11 anniversaries bring on a somber mood in me and this post is what came of it.

      • I hope my desire to make sure Liberals are coated with at least some of the dung they throw hasn’t discouraged you. I do see your point and I think you’re correct to say that Al-Qaeda or Jihadists are taking advantage of an opportunity. I think they, possibly before but also perhaps after 9/11, recognized and did exploit the tendency of today’s Democrats to circle over any situation or tragedy and turn it into a political meal.

        In my lifetime I’ve seen Democrat activist as well as some rank and file move from a well intentioned but misguided group of idealist to a win at all costs hateful gathering of vultures. They search for or create an internal enemy with the intent of galvanizing the easily led behind them for political gain.

        Look at how they handle every major news event. It’s with complete disregard for anything but their ideology. You may not remember the subtle glee in the eyes of Democrats and Journalist as the US death toll in Iraq was approaching 1000. They were looking forward to hanging that milestone around Bush’s neck and the fact that soldiers were dying was secondary.

        There were still bodies floating in the water in New Orleans when the Liberal media buzzards swooped down to shift the blame for the lack of local preparation from the Democrats in charge of the city and state to Bush. Democrats did feast on that disaster and therefore swayed public opinion to their distorted point of view, but they were still wrong.

        The good news is that the near total Liberal control of the news and information flow has been stopped. The misinformation that gave us Obama can now be countered through blogs, facebook, twitter and comments on nearly every news site. That said, I’ve partially shifted my opinion to agree with your theory that Al-Qaida understands America and knew how it would pan out. I just add to your theory that Al-Qaida understands the left and Democrats much better and found a way to join them in their attempt to reshape America… not for the better.

        I can see that the pain of 9/11 is still fresh for you. I’m sorry for taking a rabbit trail away from the original intent of your writing. Please forgive me… I’m extremely thankful that there are thoughtful well spoken conservatives like you taking up the fight for the soul of America. It has been a tough decade in the US but the sun is rising again. God bless you.

  3. Keep the Faith, Jessica.

    It’s very dark tight now but it really is darkest before the dawn. America and especially the dream has been here many times before. Yes they are clever at using the opportunities we give them (both our traitors and al Qaeda) but, this is approximately how I remember the 60s’ and Carter years. Age and memory help the perspective sometimes.

    I believe we are winning but always remember, the war between good and evil is eternal, if we don’t fight it in our generation, who will?

    Also it helps me to remember that flight 93 was nothing less than a tactical counterattack.

    Personally, I will never surrender the Dream of America and there are many (I believe a majority) of our citizens who feel the same.

    Chin up. You hold by ’em the nose, and we’ll kick ’em in the A$$

  4. I like the way you think, but i have to disagree. Footage shows that the spirit has broken in our enemy. The quote goes something like this, ‘you dont resist the biggest tribe. And the United States is the biggest tribe in the world.’

    Besides, America did what Russia could not: walk away from a beaten foe.

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