Pass this bill.

Pass this bill right away.

Look into my eyes.

Pass it now.

Democrats and Republicans, everybody’s doin’ it!

You don’t even have to read it.

Just pass it now.

Look at my dimples.

Pass this bill

Right away.



I feel like I’m being handed some mind-altering substance in a bad after-school special.

Obama’s kick-off campaign speech fed us a bunch of the same crap we’ve already been eating. The political crisis needs to stop (translation: it’s all the GOP’s fault), “rich” people need to pay their fair share (translation: they need to pick up the slack for those who don’t pay any share), and we need more jobs (translation: we need to contract more temporary jobs with the gubment.)

The Big O proposed a half trillion (translation: a full trillion) stimulus plan to create jobs. There was very little deviation from the “Winning the Future” speech he gave this January.

My favorite part of the speech was when the tyrant that is our president attempted to compare Warren Buffett’s taxes to Buffett’s secretary yet AGAIN. Of course she pays more than Buffett. Buffett hasn’t paid his taxes since 2002 and his company is currently battling with the IRS. What a great moral code “rich” Americans should go by.

Bend over. Let the gubment take care of the rest.

And apparently, renovating schools will help this current economic crisis. Is this the fricken twilight zone? Roads in disrepair are causing people to lose their jobs. I guess the excuse, “I was caught in traffic,” only works so many times. So let’s rebuild the roads so people can get back to work (on time.)

This is liberalism, my friends. I especially loved it when Big Daddy O mentioned “common sense,” like it’s just so common.

Maybe us conservatives and libertarians are the delusional ones. Maybe rebuilding and renovating 35,000 schools will get this country back on track. The skies are too congested with planes, and you know… BIRDS. Maybe some new trains will pull us out of this abyss. Maybe raising capital gains taxes in the middle of a recession will bring us back from the ledge. Put the gun down! We’re extending your unemployment benefits from 99 weeks to… well… forever!

I can hear Rod Sterling now…


3 thoughts on “The “Save Obama’s Job Act”

  1. He said “Pass this bill” seventeen times. The only problem is that there is no bill to pass, and when there is, it will only contain the spending portion of the “plan” with the “fully paid for” piece dumped on the “gang of 12”–who are already busy raising taxes and cutting future projected growth over the rest of our lives to pay for the runaway spending Obama previously pushed through.

  2. Ah yes – the January WTF speech, kinda forgot that one but they all run together yaknow. Gotta love the idea that the new plan is already paid for – with money we haven’t spent yet, for programs to be cut in the near future, … uh the same programs we don’t have money to fund in the first place.

    I’ll start worryin’ even more when this stuff begins makin’ sense. Sheesh!

    (Honestly – could only handle small doses of the Marxist N’ Cheat)

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