NEWS FLASH: Labor Day has never paid tribute to working men and women in America. It has, however, paid tribute to union workers. It’s a poorly disguised “May Day” that the federal government recognizes nationwide. In other words, Labor Day, a.k.a. every other day, is just another excuse for postal workers and tax collectors to sit on their backsides, smoke a doobie and get paid for it.

President Obama spoke today at a union rally in Detroit, headlining for none other than Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa. Hoffa decided to blame the Tea Party, surprise surprise, for the rising unemployment in America.

“We’ve got to keep an eye on the battle that we face—a war on workers. And you see it everywhere. It is the Tea Party,” he said.

Translation: It’s the Tea Party’s fault that Obama’s presidency has given us a ZERO percent change in job growth this month for the first time in six decades.

“President Obama, this is your army, we are ready to march,” Hoffa said. “But everybody here’s got to vote. If we go back, and keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these son-of-a-bitches out.”

That sounds like vitriol, Mr. Hoffa. I will promptly report you to Janet Napolitano…

The most laughable thing here is that Hoffa opened up for Obama; then Obama attempted to absolve himself from being associated with Hoffa’s Tea-Party bashing.

“I still believe both parties can work together to solve our problems,” Obama said. “Given the hardship that people are facing, folks got to get together.”

I realize this can be confusing. Picture the band Whitesnake opening up for Poison, then Poison claiming they’re not hair metal. The fact is you appeal to your fan base. You surround yourself with like-minded individuals to appeal to the kinds of voters (or leather-faced, acid-washed, Harley enthusiasts) likely to be on your side.

Obama does not want to work with us. The only reason Obama is FINALLY beginning to harp on jobs is because he knows that’s what people want to hear right now, when in actuality, all he cares about is winning.

The union leaders called Washington’s focus on deficit reduction “misguided” and urged Congress and the administration to put more energy into job-creation measures like infrastructure spending.

Infrastructure spending creates job creation? You mean, for 20- to 40-year-old men? What about me, an unemployed woman in journalism? The private sector is NOT hiring, and employers won’t start hiring until they’re confident in their futures.

Granted, I’ve only been out of a job for a week or two, but I’ve been actively looking for a year now. “Shovel-ready jobs” are not only sexist, they’re a war on the classes.

I was raised on the belief that we’re nothing without education. Everything in my childhood was in preparation for high school, everything in high school was in preparation for college, and everything in college was in preparation for the job market, which is now nonexistent. Now, I have a master’s degree and tons of journalism experience, yet I’m being told my only hope is if I’m employed by a government that I oppose and lay bricks for a living.

In sum, Obama gave his less-discerning audience more hopey changey, more strategic rhetoric and more political BS. Were you expecting anything more? I should have read less books and drank more beer.

Aaaaand Mr. Bret Michaels himself… Obama Says He Is “Proud” Of Hoffa After Union Leader’s Remarks


2 thoughts on “More Soma for the Masses: Obama’s Labor Day Speech

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  2. Jessica I have been out of work since Sept and I am a man aged b/w 20-40. I do have a degree in Finance but have been looking for any job. Nothing! On top of that I don’t qualify for unemployment b/c my last full time job was in another country. Frustrated does not begin to describe my state of mind. Hang in there. Two weeks w/o a job is not bad.

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