One can’t help but be reminded of the “Holy Grail” scene when the brave Sir Robin tucks his tail between his legs and clip clops away from the “terrifying” three-headed knight. The Big O hid his face and hopped on the first chopper ride to Camp David, following a jobs report that said we’ve created, SUPRISE! zero jobs.

The Big O is famously known for his tired and trite speeches following the jobs report every month. It’s no surprise he didn’t even want to touch this one. The first-to-bow Obama has proved once again that he’d rather milk this presidency for all it’s worth. Didn’t he just get back from a 10-day retreat in Martha’s Vineyard?

And one can’t possibly ignore the irony that black Democrats, Obama’s biggest fan base, have reached an all-time high unemployment rate of an astonishing 16.7 percent. This is who you elected, America! He doesn’t care about you, your problems, or your country. He’d rather play golf and vacay with the fam. Oh, and go to as many basketball games as humanly possible.

But he inherited it from Bush! It’s all Bush’s fault! Bush caused the earthquake! Bush caused Hurricane Irene! Bush gave me crabs!

Let me clear something up here: Obama “inherited” a AAA credit rating, 5.4 percent unemployment and an 8 trillion dollar debt. Two and a half years later, we have an AA credit rating, 9-10 percent unemployment and the debt ceiling has more than doubled.

The blue pill equals slavery to the state. Now I’m no die-hard Republican, and I certainly don’t know who I’m voting for yet, but I can promise you that anything short of an upturned broom with a bucket for a head could do a better job at running this country than the Obama administration. We can’t afford another four years of this nonsense.


6 thoughts on “Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin

  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Like you,I’m
    sick of Obama blaming the country’s woes on Bush.
    Zero job growth for August. ZERO ! This president has no clue what so ever.

  2. Many years ago, when I was younger and under the influence of naïveté, I spent some precious hours of my life listening to an album entitled The Downward Spiral. Until recently I had considered this fact to be inconsequential. Now I feel that this experience was in fact preparation for a point in time seemingly playing itself out at this moment. I see our society making decisions that in my opionion are pushing us over the brink and into a position from which there may be no return. I have no faith that our political system will produce a nominee for 2012 that will have the fortitude to turn back the hands on this deathclock. I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Nicely done, Jessica. Very well-written. Obama is a joke, and I seldom if ever listen to his speeches. He often has to read from a teleprompter before giving a speech, and yet all the leftist pukes claimed that Bush was the one who was bad at giving speeches, and yet they never seem to say a word about Obama’s poor speeches. Double standard much?

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